Every Recipe You'll Need to Get You Through the Holidays

Every Recipe You'll Need to Get You Through the Holidays

The ultimate survival guide for when friends, family, and cold weather come a-knocking

The holiday season is here! 

This festive time frame officially begins November 1 (at least as far as we’re concerned — and seriously, Christmas songs are invading the atmosphere earlier and earlier every year) and carries us through to the New Year.

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It’s party season, it’s family season, and, most importantly, it’s a time of year to be generous and loving — and is there a better way to show you care than to cook for the ones who mean the most to you? We think not.

Use this guide for inspiration or pull it out in a pinch when you’re in need of a tried-and-true recipe. This collection comprises the heavy hitters, so to speak; these recipes in the major food categories are perfect for combatting the cold, sharing, and bringing to family dinners or parties. Each of the following recipes, of course, has an element of seasonal or festive flair, but note, however, that this recipe roundup is not meant to satisfy Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner celebrations, and we don’t include any turkey, ham, or even traditional pumpkin pie recipes — we’ll have many other guides to address those!

Avoid stress and make this holiday season seem like a piece of cake with help from this ultimate guide to holiday cooking.

Rachael Pack contributed to this roundup.

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