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The Best Apple Orchards in the US Ranking

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apple picking

The Daily Meal has ranked the best apple orchards across the U.S. with help from review-based website Yelp and their data. 

The Best Apple Orchards in the US Ranking

Fall is the perfect time to go apple picking in the U.S. Apples are in season, the leaves are changing, and you can wear a scarf without sweating. It’s the perfect opportunity for some adorable fall Instagrams, tasty apple cider doughnuts, and a fun activity with your family and friends. However, not all apple orchards are the same. Some are better than others, and you deserve to know which ones — after all, apple picking is one of the best things about fall.

Before you embark on your apple orchard fun, you need to check out our ranking of the best apple orchards in the U.S. Yelp was able to help us narrow it down to the top 50 in the nation. The review-based site identified businesses in relevant business categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "apple orchard" or "apple picking," then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "apple orchard" and "apple picking.”

If you’re dreaming of apple dumplings, corn mazes, petting zoos, and more, read through our ranking and locate the closest apple orchard to you. No matter if you’re filling a wagon with apples or sampling a flight of hard ciders, you want to make sure that this fall you’re visiting one of the best apple orchards in the U.S.

#50 Hillcrest Orchards (Amherst, Ohio)

Brittany P./Yelp

Hillcrest Orchards has your standard apple picking and hot cider, but it also offers hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a maze, a playground, and wagon rides for kids! After you’ve picked all the apples you can carry, you can browse their farmers market.

#49 Sutters Ridge Farm (Mount Horeb, Wisconsin)

Shane W./Yelp

If you want to fill your fall with apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and cider, you definitely need to go to Sutters Ridge Farm. There are tons of opportunities for fall photos with their wide selection of gourds, their pretty apple trees, and their very fall-feeling corn maze. Plus, you can snack on brats, doughnuts, pies, and caramel apples!

#48 Riverview Farm (Plainfield, New Hampshire)

Heather G./Yelp

Riverview Farm feels off the beaten path but it’s full of all the fall fun you’d ever need. This apple orchard offers you-pick apples, berries, pumpkins, flowers, a corn maze, and tasty treats. Many Yelp reviews refer to the experience as “kid friendly” and “affordable.”

#47 Blue Jay Orchards (Bethel, Connecticut)

Peter T./Yelp

“I am here every single opening day of every year,” wrote one reviewer of Blue Jay Orchards. “Their cider donuts are unrivaled. The cider is A+. I buy at least 3 dozen donuts every year, and this year I can take my 10month old on her first apple picking adventure! I hope this place never ever closes.” The Connecticut spot is covered in fall foliage come autumn, and at night they have a haunted hayride!

#46 Justus Orchard (Hendersonville, North Carolina)

Ariel F./Yelp

Justus Orchard offers a variety of you-pick apples, some of which are hard to find in stores. They also offer apples in bins for customers who don’t feel like working up a sweat. Hungry customers will love their bakery section and apple slushies.

#45 Windy Hill Orchard (York, South Carolina)

Nikki W./Yelp

People love coming to Windy Hill Orchard for its “flight deck” of six varieties of hard apple ciders. They also have non-alcoholic cider for kids to enjoy, and delicious cider doughnuts. It’s not a huge spot, but it’s frequently super-busy, so try to come in the morning or on a weekday.

#44 Weston Red Barn Farm (Weston, Missouri)

Ashleigh D./Yelp

“Picked apples over the weekend. This place is breathtaking and the staff is friendly. Come here to pick apples and pumpkins and you won't be disappointed. The prices are reasonable and the memories are priceless,” one Yelp reviewer wrote of their time at Weston Red Barn Farm.

#43 Shelburne Orchards (Shelburne, Vermont)

Melissa P./Yelp

The views Shelburne Orchards offers its customers are unbeatable. While their trees are fruitful with apples, their country store is fruitful with pickled apple honey and fresh cider doughnuts.

#42 Rocky Brook Orchard (Middletown, Rhode Island)

Left: Jennifer M./Yelp; Right: Chelsea L./Yelp

There are over 60 varieties of apples at Rocky Brook Orchard in Rhode Island. They even give guests a handy apple picking tool to reach into the trees and grab the best and most delicious looking fruit. The place is tiny, though, so no candy apples or cider, but simple is still great!

#41 Patterson Fruit Farm (Chesterland, Ohio)

Bob L./Yelp

If you’re going to Patterson Fruit Farm for apple picking in Ohio, make sure to pick up some of their famous baked goods. Photos of their doughnuts and pies are all over their Yelp page to tempt you.

#40 Wallingford’s Fruit House (Auburn, Maine)

Steff D./Yelp

Wallingford’s Fruit House is apple picking at its best, according to many Yelp reviews, but a fan favorite is their apple dumplings. They’re made of dough filled with seasoned apples and topped with caramel and ice cream. Yum!

#39 BJ Reece Orchards (Ellijay, Georgia)

Brian H./Yelp

If you’re stopping by BJ Reece Orchards, you’ll find apple picking, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and tasty treats like fried apple pies. You can even take tractor rides! A pro tip from some reviewers is to scout for apples on the maze side of the orchard.

#38 Sky Top Orchard (Flat Rock, North Carolina)

Dave M./Yelp

“Best apple cider you'll taste anywhere, and those apple cider donuts could start a religious movement (if they haven't already),” wrote one Yelp reviewer of Sky Top Orchard’s apple products.

#37 Gordon Skagit Farms (Mount Vernon, Washington)

Miya T./Yelp

Gordon Skagit Farms has tons of season produce, like fall and winter squashes, gourds, and all the apples you can pick and eat. The farm has been called “adorable,” “homey,” and “a lovely fall experience.” There are tons of opportunities for cute fall family pics in front of hand painted backdrops, hay stacks, and old trucks decorated with pumpkins.

#36 Spicer Orchards Farm Market and Cider Mill (Fenton, Michigan)

Francesco C./Yelp

People love going to Spicer Orchards Farm for its wide selection of you-pick fruit (especially their apples), petting zoo, apple cider doughnuts, and amazing winery-slash-brewery. Many reviewers have remarked on the affordable pricing!

#35 Libby & Son U-Pick (Limerick, Maine)

Jeffrey R./Yelp

This adorable Maine spot is the perfect place to pick your own apples in the fall and warm up with a cup of steaming cider or hot chocolate. Plus, you can take comfortable golf carts around to different parts of the Libby & Son U-Pick property.

#34 Erwin Orchards (South Lyon, Michigan)

Gerry S./Yelp

The best time to visit Erwin Orchards is during a crisp fall day. That’s when the lines are the shortest and the apple trees will be less picked over. You can take a cute hay ride out to pick apples or spend time enjoying deep-fried doughnuts.

#33 Lang’s Apple Orchard (Woodstock, Illinois)

Amy H./Yelp

“We love this place and have a new favorite place to pick apples. Very friendly and the frills are limited to the joy of being in a natural setting, within an apple orchard, picking delicious fruit with your own hands. No need for a corn maze when you're offering a gorgeous variety of apples and at an affordable price,” wrote one Yelp reviewer of Lang’s Apple Orchard.

#32 Triple B Farms (Monongahela, Pennsylvania)

Paul L./Yelp

Triple B is a great spot for apple picking, with a kids yard and a farm store selling fruit pies, canned goods, fruits, and veggies. Plus, they’ve got an excellent pumpkin patch for tons of sweet photo opportunities and pumpkin picking.

#31 Wasem Fruit Farm (Milan, Michigan)

Dug S./Yelp

“I don't remember how many Johnny Gold apples or donuts we ate, but we were full and very satisfied!” wrote one reviewer of their experience at Wasem Fruit Farm.

#30 The Elegant Farmer (Mukwonago, Wisconsin)

Aatrayee D./Yelp

Come to The Elegant Farmer for the market, hay wagon, apple and pumpkin picking. Many Yelpers rave about the food, including the pulled pork sandwiches, baked potatoes, cider hams and caramel apples.

#29 Mack’s Apples (Londonderry, New Hampshire)

Nick S./Yelp

Mack’s Apples is a simple spot for apple picking without any of the fuss of those larger orchards. It’s one of the cheapest apple orchards in New England with some of the best selections of apples. It also has a quaint country store with snacks.

#28 County Line Orchard (Hobart, Indiana)

Howard L./Yelp

County Line Orchard gets super-crowded quickly, so if you’re looking for a less populous place to pick your own apples and shop apple products, this isn’t it. This Indiana spot has tons of samples of all their apple products for you to taste, tractor rides, pumpkin picking, and doughnuts galore.

#27 Linvilla Orchards (Media, Pennsylvania)

Alda H./Yelp

This Pennsylvania apple picking spot is a favorite among locals to go grab apples and pumpkins. At night Linvilla Orchards offers a Halloween hayride to a witch’s house, but during the day there are less spooky activities like face painting.

#26 Whistling Well Farm (Hastings, Minnesota)

Crys Y./Yelp

“We love that while the farm is family-friendly for sure, we as adults can still have a nice time and not have to wait in lines to get in, etc. For kids (and also myself, as I can't resist cute animals) they have a very cute petting zoo and some funny photo boards, pumpkins and plenty of room to run around. Last time we went there were also very cute little kittens running around. I think they might have some kind of wagon-y ride out to the orchard, but it's really not a far walk at all,” said one Yelper of Whistling Well Farm.

#25 Windy Brow Farms (Fredon Township, New Jersey)

Chris C./Yelp

Yes, you can pick apples here, which is pretty cool, but you know what else is cool? Windy Brow Farms offers Taylor ham and French toast ice cream!! They also have honey lavender and pumpkin pie for the less adventurous.

#24 Honey Hill Orchard (Waterman, Illinois)

Dianne S./Yelp

If you ever find yourself in Waterman, Illinois, stop by Honey Hill Orchard. They have apple picking, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and tons of homemade food and handmade goods. Plus, it’s only about an hour away from the city of Naperville, the third largest town in Illinois!

#23 Tougas Family Farm (Northborough, Massachusetts)

Amy Y./Yelp

Fall is not complete without a visit to Tougas Family Farm in Northborough. Guests take a tractor though the large property to get to different kinds of fruits and a pumpkin patch. Plus, their petting zoo is full of super-cute animals that will keep your kids entertained all day long.

#22 Marker-Miller Orchards (Winchester, Virginia)

Aaron S./Yelp

Marker-Miller Orchards is super family friendly. According to one reviewer, “You can easily spend the day here between the orchards, the nice picnic area and playground for the kids!”

#21 CherryHawk Farms (Marysville, Ohio)

Geoffrey G./Yelp

CherryHawk has been described as “the cutest little apple orchard that could possibly exist,” by one Yelp reviewer. Visitors drive through two fields of sunflowers to get to the apple orchard, which makes for a truly stunning ride.

#20 Lyman Orchards Apple Barrel Market (Middlefield, Connecticut)

Jess L./Yelp

You’ll live your best fall life at Lyman Orchards Apple Barrel Market. This Connecticut spot has corn and sunflower mazes, fresh apple cider, apple cider doughnuts and, obviously, apple picking. “I would say this is the best orchard around Hartford area, or may be the best orchard anywhere that I have gone to,” wrote a reviewer.

#19 Anderson Orchard (Mooresville, Indiana)

Anderson Orchard/Yelp

“If I could live at Anderson Orchard, I think I would!” one Yelp reviewer enthusiastically commented of the Mooresville, Indiana, orchard. The rolling hills on this plot of land are full of apples and other fruits, plus during the fall season they have tons of pumpkins that you can take home.

#18 Eckert’s Country Store & Farms (Belleville, Illinois)

Alicia W./Yelp

As one Yelper put it, “You're really spoiled for choice here.” Eckert’s has so much more than just apples. This farm offers tomatoes, squashes, gourds, eggplant, bell peppers, sweet peppers, cucumber, and kale. But if you’re looking for heartier options, they also sell cheese curds, pulled pork sandwiches, and homemade fudge.

#17 Battleview Orchards (Freehold, New Jersey)

David H./Yelp

Battleview has a lot to offer including fall treats you won’t find anywhere else, including strawberry tres leches cake, pumpernickel-rye swirl bread, and cheese babka. Not only is it a great place to pick apples, but their pumpkin patch is unrivaled.

#16 Stribling Orchard (Markham, Virginia

Mac O./Yelp

“Loads of different apple varieties, some small some large, tart/sweet, but always loads of fun! The staff are friendly and efficient, there was a stand for fresh dipped caramel apples and kettle corn (drool!)” said a Yelper of their experience at Stribling Orchard.

#15 Soons Orchard & Farm Market (New Hampton, New York)

Jason P./Yelp

The farm market is a big draw for Yelpers visiting Soons Orchard in New York. “If you want a quality experience at a place that doesn't nickel and dime you for every little thing, you will fall in love with this Orchard soonSer or later, just as we did,” wrote a reviewer.

#14 Gizdich Ranch (Watsonville, California)

Trucly B./Yelp

Yes you can pick beautiful looking apples at Gizdich Ranch, but what everybody really comes here for is the homemade pie. They have a ton of flavors like Dutch apple, cherry, blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, and even local favorite olallieberry.

#13 Larriland Farm (Woodbine, Maryland)

Win S./Yelp

This popular farm is a favorite across Maryland for its pick-your-own produce selection. It gets super busy at Larriland Farm during the summer and fall months because not only can you pick apples and more, but you can enjoy freshly made apple fritters, cut your own flowers to make a flower arrangement, and pet llamas.

#12 Wilklow Orchards (Highland, New York)

Jason P./Yelp

Only an hour and a half from the hustle and bustle of New York City rests Wilklow Orchards. This Highland, New York, orchard is in a beautiful location with picnic tables, apple cider doughnuts, pies, and more.

#11 Apple-A-Day Ratzlaff Ranch (Sebastopol, California)

Daphne H./Yelp

This NorCal ranch is dog friendly, so if you’re going apple picking you can bring your pup! Apple-A-Day is family owned, and Yelpers can’t get over just how friendly and helpful the staff is there or how fresh and lovely the apples are.

#10 Applecrest Farm Orchards (Hampton Falls, New Hampshire)

Frederick D./Yelp

What makes this apple orchard a must-visit is their bluegrass music, apple picking, hay rides, scarecrow making, and pumpkin patch! “Applecrest steps it up a notch with their welcoming and warm atmosphere, delicious cider donuts, pumpkin patch and warm apple cider!” wrote one Yelp reviewer.

#9 Stepp Orchard Pick Your Own (Hendersonville, North Carolina)

Lisa C./Yelp

You can spend a whole day at Stepp Orchard Ranch apple picking, hay riding, walking hiking trails, apple shooting, or eating tons of cider doughnuts and apple slushies. Plus, sometimes they have food trucks!

#8 Russell Orchards (Ipswich, Massachusetts)

Cameron H./Yelp

Yelpers love Russell Orchards for their wine and cider tastings. Guests receive four pours of apple, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, and cherry wines plus hard apple cider and a take-home glass.

#7 Homestead Farm (Poolesville, Maryland)

Jennifer L./Yelp

If you’re looking to really get into the fall spirit, check out Homestead Farm in Maryland. This farm has hay rides, pumpkin patches, wheelbarrows for apple picking, pie, and cider.

#6 Riamede Farm (Chester, New Jersey)

Alyssa R./Yelp

You will get the most #fall Instagram photo if you go apple picking at Riamede Farm. One thing Yelpers have noticed is that because it’s tucked away, it’s not as busy as other farms — so you won’t have 6,000 people picking apples in your photo. Guests can pick apples, pumpkins, sunflowers, corn, and tomatoes or indulge in cider doughnuts and fresh hot cider as well.

#5 Solebury Orchards (New Hope, Pennsylvania)

Solebury Orchards/Yelp

Yelpers have nothing but nice things to say about the people who work at Solebury Orchards in Pennsylvania. This fall-favorite spot is where people come to stock up on their fall apple supply and indulge in cider doughnuts.

#4 Ochs Orchard (Warwick, New York)

Christopher N./Yelp

This pick-your-own orchard is known by Yelp users for its incredible apple cider. Ochs Orchard is also known for its gorgeous produce, beautiful view, and long lines, so make sure you get there early to beat the rush!

#3 Carter Mountain Orchard (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Cassandra H./Yelp

Carter Mountain Orchard is the best apple orchard for foodies. Sure, you can pick delicious apples, but from this Virginia orchard you can also dine on french fries, fruit slushes, soft serve, burgers, pimento cheese sandwiches, doughnuts and more!

#2 Cider Hill Farm (Amesbury, Virginia)

Tanya D./Yelp

Cider Hill Farms in Virginia is an absolutely stunning place to pick apples, blueberries and strawberries, and even to shop for cider doughnuts and honey! This farm has hay bales, goats, chickens, swings, food trucks, and even hard cider. Bet you didn’t think you could get all of that out of your apple picking excursion!

#1 Willowbrook Apple Farm (Oak Glen, California)

Jason F./Yelp

This destination may sit just outside of Los Angeles, but you’ll feel like you’re miles away from Hollywood roaming through this apple orchard’s gorgeous natural beauty. At Willowbrook, guests can pick their own apples, press their cider, see mini horses, enjoy caramel apples and other treats, and even shop a bunch of their farm products like honey and apple butter. Can’t stop thinking about all the autumnal activities you’re going to do this month (us too)? We can’t help it, we’re just obsessed with fall!

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