Pumpkin Tiramisu


10 Autumn Recipes That Will Make You Love Pumpkin Spice After All

Rekindle your relationship with pumpkin spice by creating one of these fall-perfect recipes
Pumpkin Tiramisu


Pumpkin spice can actually be transformed into an elegant dessert.

There’s no way of escaping the pumpkin spice obsession that arrives every fall. All of a sudden, the weather turns cooler, and everyone swaps the iced lattes for hot, whipped cream-topped, pumpkin spice creations; everywhere you look, all cookies, cakes, and candy are flavored with this warming spice. It’s easy to get sick of pumpkin spice, but don’t let this PSL bombardment put you off. We’ve gathered together our favorite spiced autumnal recipes to get you back in your pumpkin spice groove.

10 Autumn Recipes That Will Make You Love Pumpkin Spice After All (Slideshow)

Begin your day not with an overpriced pumpkin spice latte on the way to work, but instead with a homemade version of this classic drink. If such a sweet coffee drink isn’t your thing, try making a batch of lightly spiced waffles, pecan pumpkin pancakes, or some cream cheese-frosted pumpkin rolls to perfectly accompany your pumpkin-free coffee. Keep the pumpkin spice on the lighter side to avoid being overwhelmed by this flavor, and make sure to include some pumpkin purée for an authentic touch of this craze (which is actually so often missing the real pumpkin).

If you find the pumpkin spice flavor to be too much for breakfast, then you could always incorporate it into your desserts instead. Obviously, the pumpkin spice flavor actually originated in a classic pumpkin pie, so one way to reinstate your love for this taste is by returning to the starting point. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, we can’t recommend a cream cheese-filled pumpkin spice roulade or pumpkin spice tiramisu highly enough.


Read on to find the 10 autumnal recipes that will reignite your passion for pumpkin spice.