The Best Food Truck in Every State 2016

50 states, 50 food trucks; this is what America is all about

Coming to a street or parking lot near you!

There’s no doubting it anymore: Food trucks are currently the best place to get a meal. Sure, they might not stack up compared to fine dining establishments, but they also lack the rigidness and pretentiousness encountered at fancier restaurants — and people will line up down the street and around the corner just for a taste.

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The concept is working on the business side too, as food trucks aren’t just being opened by entrepreneurs looking to start small with a less risky investment — they’re actually creating companies with the sole purpose of using trucks as a venue, and already-established brick-and-mortar stores are breaking into the game to get a piece of the action as well.


We’ve ranked the 101 best food trucks in America for the last four years (click here for 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012), but this wasn’t a good enough reflection of the country as a whole. In fact, one thing that was very apparent while doing this article is the fact that some regions of the country are unfairly blessed with a disproportionate amount of fantastic food trucks. Having to trim some contestants in this list because their state already has a top dog was extremely painful. (Apologies to any offended residents of California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, and the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania areas — you all live in food truck wonderlands, and we fully acknowledge that.) On the bright side, almost half of the states that didn’t have an entry last year are now represented, and for good (and delicious) reasons. Using reviews (by professional and amateur food critics alike), social media popularity, and our own knowledge and expertise, here is the best food truck in every state for 2016.