Top 10 Fish and Chips in London

Here are some of London’s top-reviewed places to find classic fish and chips

Julie Anne B./Yelp

We consider ourselves lucky when we get to taste a country’s authentic dishes by traveling there ourselves. In such a culturally diverse place as London, it’s hard to pick and choose the most original or authentic food when there is such a variety to choose from. 

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But for some real English "sole" food, you can’t beat fish and chips. Brits eat more than 255 million portions of chips with their fish every year, so that shows they know their stuff when it comes to this fried specialty. With a crispy outside and a warm and flaky inside, whether as a lunch, a quick snack, or an after-hours treat, fish and chips hits the spot every time. With a dash of Sarson’s vinegar or plain, what better place to enjoy this English institution than in London? 

We’ve teamed up with Triposo, a travel app that lists locations around the world based on the number of positive mentions across social review sites. With their data, we were able to create a list of the top-reviewed locations throughout London for the best fish and chips you can find.  Even the locals agree — these fish and chip eateries can’t be beat.  


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