Scratch Street Food

Food Truck
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 721-3613



Matt Kornmeyer got the idea to start his Indianapolis food truck after a business trip to Portland, Ore. "I was amazed at the food scene that was there and the crazy food being made in trucks/trailers/carts. I would daydream about finding a way to bring what I saw, smelled, and tasted in Portland to Indianapolis." Three months after that trip, the middle-aged husband and father had his chance, one which, at first, most people might not have seen as an opportunity — he lost his job as operations manager of a packaging company. The menu at Scratch is straight-up comfort food: burgers, grilled cheese, an upscale Sloppy Joe called "The Dapper Joe," and that prince of all potatoes, poutine. Here's to you Matt, for going all in. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


TWITTER: @scratchtruck


  • Get the scratch burger!
  • Bacon Marmalade
  • The grilled cheese changed my life.
  • Chicken cone FTW
  • The fries are so good they don't need ketchup. Or catsup.
  • Holy shenanigans, the lemonades are slap your momma good.
  • The grilled cheese is awesome.
  • The basil lemonade is delicious & refreshing! Perfect compliment with the scratch burger.
  • You must get the ginger lemonade if they have it.
  • The Basil Lemonade!
  • Great burger and grilled cheese.
  • Check out Scratch Truck as seen on Eat Street
  • Poutine de Peru is awesome! The yellow pepper sauce is very spicy but complements the fries and queso fresco perfectly! Upgrade your fries if you get a sandwich!
  • Mmmmm poutine friea

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