Top Rated Seitan Recipes

Hemp-Smoked Seitan Sweetbreads with Sun-Dried Wheatgrass Liver
In her breathlessly anticipated new cookbook, Organs for Vegans, actress and Spanish food expert Gwyneth Paltrow offers this difficult-to-make and frankly not very tasty mélange of vegetable innards. "People are surprised when they learn that non-meat offal even exists," says the lithe blonde, who writes her own cookbooks. "But think about it: cabbage has heads, artichokes have hearts, so why shouldn't wheatgrass have a liver?" In addition to this unusual "sweetbread" and "liver" preparation, Paltrow offers recipes for such unexpected delights as Parsnip Spleen Croquettes, Kohlrabi Jowl Sliders with Chia Mayonnaise, and, for readers with a sweet tooth, an agave-syrup-sweetened Loquat Kidney Upside-Down Cake.
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Bust out the barbecue sauce, 'cause it's officially summer! For non-meat-eaters, seitan is a great replacement. It's savory and the texture is much more pleasant than that of tofu. This sandwich is super easy to make and you can experiment with different toppings. Click here to see Fast and Furious Dinner Recipes — 20 Minutes or Less.
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