10 Largest Food Truck Rallies in America

Your guide to the biggest and best food truck festivals in the country

Keep on truckin'!

Although food has been served out of trucks for about as long as trucks have existed, the food truck phenomenon has only emerged in recent years when an emphasis was put on unique, high-quality, and trendy food items, coupled with recession-minded wallets. While the type of food traditionally bought from mobile sources was generic and greasy, newer trucks are seen as a more affordable restaurant option for both customers and businesses, and as a way to bring an existing eatery’s food directly to the people, instead of waiting for them to seek out the restaurant.

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Today, there are upwards of 10,000 to 15,000 trucks operating in America, earning about $1.2 billion every year. With the industry having grown over 12 percent in the last five years, estimates for 2017 revenue are as high as $2.7 billion.


If you don’t live in a city where food trucks pop up on almost every corner, you’re probably wondering how you too can get in on the action. In addition to following local food trucks online (since many post real-time location updates on social media), here are 10 of the biggest gatherings in America.