9 Refreshing Mocktails To Beat The Heat At A Pool Party

Not every celebration requires an alcoholic beverage. With temperatures in the high 90s in many parts of the country, staying hydrated is extremely important. Pool party season is here, and there is nothing like hosting a bevy of family and friends around the pool with refreshing mocktails.

9 Refreshing Mocktails to Beat the Heat at a Pool Party

Some mocktails, like our Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint Water, are make-ahead friendly. Others, such as the Mango Mock-o-lada, require a blender to create a delicious frozen treat. All in all, a refreshing beverage will help you beat the heat while enjoying a dip in the pool.

Your summer pool party menu should consist of fresh and light sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, and snack dips that will complement your mocktails. So grab your beach towels, throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses, and head to the pool with these booze-free cocktails.

Banane et Orange Mocktail

You won't believe this is a mocktail! Banana and orange make for the perfect tangy and sweet beverage to sip by the pool.

Beachcomber Mocktail

All the flavor without the alcohol. A great drink for kids of all ages, and so yummy. This drink is said to have originated in Hawaii, but it's good for any beach, anywhere!