Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails

Alcoholic or not, holiday drinks bring cheer

Those not drinking alcohol shouldn’t be left out of the chance to sip on something tasty during the holidays.

It’s the most festive time of the year, and for most of us that means family gatherings, lots of delicious food, and of course cocktails galore.

Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails (Slideshow)

These days, cocktails are often smartly composed drinks, bearing little resemblance to such old standbys as scotch on the rocks or rum and Coke. Those who want to skip the alcohol shouldn’t be left out of the chance to sip on something tasty, though. The concept of the mocktail has gotten increasingly popular in recent years, giving people more drink options than ever. Instead of a simple cranberry juice or club soda, someone opting out of a boozy evening can choose from a delightful array of concoctions, such as the raspberry cooler, made with fresh raspberry purée and a bit of sparkling water. Even hot buttered rum can be easily be modified.

If you long for a cocktail but don't want to imbibe the hard stuff, you can still join in the celebration of the season. We’ve whipped up a list of 9 cocktails — and their mocktail equivalents — for you to enjoy around the holidays.

Bourbon and Fig Cocktail

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We all know the classic line, “Now bring us some figgy pudding,” but you’ll be singing “Now bring us some bourbon fig cocktails” as soon as you try this recipe. We can’t resist a good fig cocktail around the holidays. Use vanilla cream soda instead of bourbon for a non-alcoholic version that can be enjoyed by all.

The Cosmopolitan

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We can’t talk about holiday cocktails without mentioning the cosmo. It’s chock full of cranberry juice and tasty citrus, giving it the perfect color and flavor for a holiday bash. Replace the vodka with some sparkling water to make it a mocktail.