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Rose Petal Vodka

Romantic glass for two
Rose Petal Vodka
Courtesy of Hello Fresh

Enjoy this beautiful cocktail during dinner with your significant other. This recipe is a romantic drink using vodka and organic rose petals.

Recipe courtesy of Hello Fresh

Ready in
8 h 2 m
2 m
(prepare time)
8 h
(cook time)


  • 2-3 organic roses, depetaled
  • distilled water
  • 3 Ounces vodka (or your favorite clear spirit)


Remove petals from roses and rinse thoroughly under water.

Add rose petals to an ice cube tray and cover halfway with distilled water.

Freeze for a few hours.

Remove the half-frozen ice cubes from the freezer and fill the remaining with distilled water. This will allow your roses to be in the center of your ice cubes.

Freeze overnight and add in a glass of vodka.