50 Best Cold Soups, Crisp Salads, and Other Hot-Weather Fare

Feel brighter, lighter, and cooler with this awesome collection of crisp and refreshing summertime recipes

It’s still hot out there this summer, and when the sidewalks are sizzling and body temperatures are rising in sync with the thermometer, the last thing on all our minds is a warm— let alone hot— meal.

The hot summer sun can drain our bodies of energy and nutrients, leaving us feeling lethargic and dehydratednot to mention how uncomfortable it is to be drenched in sticky sweat. So what can we do? How can we cool down?

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Aside from taking a dive in the pool, sitting with our faces inches from a fan, or hiding out inside a heavily air-conditioned room, we can actually seek out cool, crisp, and refreshing foods that will reinvigorate our minds, bodies, and taste buds.

Ice pops, gazpachos, slushy cocktails, and chilled salads are all wonderful ways to cool down this August and feel like we have some semblance of control over the invading heat.

When searching for the perfect recipes to include in this refreshing collection, we sought out foods with ripe juiciness, crisp textures, bright flavors, and touches of acid to help us salivate (no dry, parched mouths here).

Also important to note, this collection avoids ultra-sweet treats like ice cream. The combination of heavy cream and sugar can create a sticky, cloying feeling in our mouths, making us feel hot, heavy, and thirsty — things we definitely want to avoid.

Click on the link for hot weather cooking inspiration; we can at least help you to “think cool” until you get the chance to make some of these delicious recipes yourself.

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