Make Your Meals Easier: A Guide to Meal Prepping

Prepping a week’s worth of food takes guess work out of your nutritional equation
meal prep


By cooking in bulk, you’ll find that making a healthy eating choice is as simple as opening the fridge and grabbing a meal.

Fast food’s popularity derives from the fact that it serves up exactly what its name suggests: fast food. It’s so simple that you don’t even need to get out of your car to get a full meal handed to you, hot, bagged, and ready to go. People often turn to generally unhealthy options like this due to ease of access (and often cheap prices), but there’s a better, healthier, and faster solution.

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Meal prepping is the solution. Meal prep can be defined as setting aside one day of the week on which you furiously cook a large amount of food in order to reap the benefits of premade meals until your next meal prep day. There’s an enormous list of reasons why prepping meals ahead of time makes sense, but the hardest step is getting yourself to start. That’s why, as you’ll see, we suggest slowly starting your conversion into a mass-cooking, meal prep-loving culinary wizard.

Eventually, once you’ve tested out the waters and experimented with prepping a few food items, you’ll want to move onto bigger and better things. When you reach the stage of prepping a week’s worth of complete meals, you’ll reach a point of total nutritional control. You have the freedom to include any ingredient(s) you want, allowing you to have no reason to stray from your nutritional goals. Even if you find yourself extraordinarily hungry one day, you can be assured that you have a healthy food option waiting for you in the fridge, ready to be warmed up and eaten.


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