The Most Searched-For Thanksgiving Side Dish In Every State

Thanksgiving is all about the food, and while turkey may be the main dish on tables across America, the accompanying sides might look very different from one state to the next. It should come as no surprise that people love the classics, so you'll see the usual suspects like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole more than once on this list. No worries, there are more than enough variations of each to go around. Here are the most uniquely searched side dishes on Google by state for Thanksgiving 2020. 

Alabama: Cornbread dressing

Alabama kicks off the stuffing versus dressing divide by searching for a Southern favorite, cornbread dressing. 

For the Cornbread Dressing recipe, click here.

Alaska: Green beans

Alaskans aren't looking to do up their green beans with a cream sauce or crispy onions. To them, we offer these roasted green beans with juicy grape tomatoes. 

For the Roasted Green Beans recipe, click here.

Arizona: Ham

A holiday ham is the ultimate centerpiece, but in Arizona, it's a glamorous sidekick. This ham with a honey brown sugar glaze is sure to fit the bill. 

For the Honey Brown Sugar Glazed Ham recipe, click here. 

Arkansas: Cranberry sauce

Cranberry recipes abound, but perhaps none are as foundational to Thanksgiving tables as cranberry sauce, which is what Arkansas residents are seeking. 

For the Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce recipe, click here.

California: Gravy

All sides are equally important, but most of us can agree with California that the MVP of Thanksgiving is in fact the gravy. This deliciously basic recipe is taken up a notch with some herbes de Provence. 

For the Turkey Gravy recipe, click here

Colorado: Mashed potatoes

Colorado, known for its Rocky Mountains and world-class skiing, keeps it simple for its Thanksgiving favorite. Nothing adventurous or risky, just some creamy mashed potatoes in a big bowl. 

For the Creamy Mashed Potatoes recipe, click here

Connecticut: Sweet potato

Connecticut's side of choice is the humble sweet potato, which, when bedazzled with maple syrup and cranberries, takes a decadent turn. 

For the Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries recipe, click here

Delaware: Sausage stuffing

Based on Google data, Northern states like Delaware prefer to call this side stuffing, while Southern states opt for dressing. Merriam-Webster complicates things further by defining dressing as a "seasoned mixture usually used as a stuffing." Either way, this sausage and kale stuffing will be a hit no matter what you call it. 

For the Easy Crouton, Sausage and Kale Stuffing recipe, click here

Washington, DC: Duck confit

Washington, D.C., is searching for a lavish side dish of duck confit. Confit is French for any type of meat that is cooked slowly in its own fat. This duck leg is braised in wine, broth, tomatoes, onions, carrots and celery for an elegant ragu. 

For the Duck Leg Ragu recipe, click here.

Florida: Cornbread

Cornbread is the star of Florida's Thanksgiving spread, as it should be. Best not to mess with the Southern staple, so we'll stick with a traditional recipe. 

For the Traditional Cornbread recipe, click here.

Georgia: Sweet potato souffle

Georgia is known for more than just sweet tea — it's also known for sweet potatoes. The state actually has a sweet potato market worth $2.5 million, and Georgians have five varieties to choose from to make this gorgeous sweet potato souffle. 

For the Sweet Potato Souffle recipe, click here.

Hawaii: Sweet potato casserole

Hawaiians are fans of sweet potatoes too, except they prefer a casserole over souffle. This candied sweet potato casserole is the stuff of dreams, complete with mini marshmallows and pecans.

For the Candied Sweet Potato Casserole recipe, click here

Idaho: Mashed potatoes

Something would be terribly off if Idaho's top side didn't showcase its famous spuds. And this loaded mashed potatoes recipe is worthy of Idaho potatoes. 

For the Loaded Mashed Potatoes recipe, click here

Illinois: Mashed potatoes

Illinoisans love their mashed potatoes. Calling for nutty brown butter, Parmesan cheese, chicken stock and Yukon Gold potatoes, this recipe is made for the Midwest. 

For the Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes recipe, click here. 

Indiana: Baked mac and cheese

Indiana keeps it cheesy. With four different kinds of cheese, this baked mac will have your family coming back for seconds and thirds. 

For the the Ultimate Baked Mac and Cheese recipe, click here. 

Iowa: Fruit salad

Iowans seem to be holding on tight to summertime by favoring a fruit salad on their Thanksgiving table. How about adding a vanilla twist? 

For the Very Vanilla Fruit Salad recipe, click here. 

Kansas: Sweet potato

Kansas may bring to mind Dorothy and Toto, but Kansans have quite the crop of sweet potatoes and they want to know how to use them. This recipe for roasted sweet potatoes with a crunchy pecan topping will whisk you away to someplace magical. 

For the Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Cinnamon Pecan Crunch recipe, click here. 

Kentucky: Broccoli casserole

With a homemade cheese sauce and a Ritz cracker topping, this hearty broccoli casserole will be a hit in Kentucky, where residents are searching for the perfect recipe. 

For the Broccoli Casserole recipe, click here.

Louisiana: Cornbread dressing

Cornbread is a key component of Cajun and Creole cuisine, so it makes sense that it's also part of Louisiana's favorite side for turkey day.

For the One-Pot Cornbread Stuffing recipe, click here. 

Maine: Green bean casserole

This green bean casserole is so good, you could eat it as a main any other day. Maine's top choice for sides is better off kept simple, like this easy recipe. 

For the Green Bean Casserole recipe, click here. 

Maryland: Sweet potato

You might think sweet potato is a limited ingredient to cook with, but we say otherwise. You can go sweet, savory or spicy, like this recipe that uses Urfa biber or Urfa pepper, which is a dried Turkish chile pepper that complements the charred, almost-burnt sweet potato wedges. 

For the Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe, click here. 

Massachusetts: Cranberry sauce

People often think of Massachusetts when they think of cranberries because cranberry farming on Massachuesset's Cape Cod goes back all the way to the 1800s. Cranberry sauce just feels so right, and this orange-ginger version lets the native berry sing.

For the Orange-Ginger Cranberry Sauce recipe, click here.

Michigan: Corn casserole

Looks like the quest for Southern comfort food made its way to Michigan. We put a twist on Michigan's choice of a corn casserole with this recipe for a gooey corn spoon bread with a dollop of sour cream.

For the Gooey Corn Spoon Bread recipe, click here. 

Minnesota: Green beans

Balsamic vinegar and a host of herbs take regular green beans into holiday territory. This one might be a winner for Minnesotans searching for a way to use them. 

For the Rosemary and Thyme Green Beans recipe, click here. 

Mississippi: Cornbread dressing

If you live in Mississippi, give this cast-iron jalapeno cornbread a go. You can make it in mini muffin cups, transform it into dressing or enjoy a chunk of it as is. 

For the Cast-Iron Pan Jalepeno Cornbread recipe, click here. 


Missouri: Cornbread casserole

Cornbread topped with melted cheese, ground beef and tomatoes — need we say more? This flavor-packed take on Missouri's favorite side dish will be a hit everywhere. 

For the Mexican Cornbread Casserole recipe, click here. 

Montana: Potatoes

Montana would like Idaho to pass the potatoes, please. There are plenty of dishes that can be made from a sack of potatoes, and this Indian spin with cumin will be a delightful addition to a holiday spread.

For the Cumin-Flavored Potatoes recipe, click here. 

Nebraska: Sweet potato

You might be thinking the options for sweet potatoes are dwindling. People of Nebraska, here's one for you that doubles as brunch on a lazy Sunday.

For the Lazy Sweet Potato Hash recipe, click here

Nevada: Green beans

You really can't blame Nevadans for loving their green beans — at least on Thanksgiving. The usual green bean casserole goes deluxe with fresh mushrooms and white wine, but don't worry, there's still a can of soup in there. 

For the Deluxe Mushroom Green Bean Casserole recipe, click here. 

New Hampshire: Potatoes

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, the vegetable is all the rage in America. Residents of New Hampshire might like theirs simply made, or they might enjoy this creamy thyme gratin recipe. 

For the Creamy Thyme Potato Gratin recipe, click here.

New Jersey: Sweet potato

We took New Jersey's search for a sweet potato recipe and stuffed it with all sorts of Southwest flavors, such as avocado, black beans and sour cream.

For the Southern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe, click here.

New Mexico: Mashed potatoes

New Mexico can take it low and slow with these slow cooker mashed potatoes, perfect for hands-off Thanksgiving prep. 

For the Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes recipe, click here.

New York: Potatoes

Whether you're in the rural countryside or bustling Manhattan, a side of potatoes brings all New Yorkers together. This recipe plays off the combination of sage and lemon zest to add fresh flavor to classic roasted potatoes. 

For the Crispy Potatoes recipe, click here.

North Carolina: Rice

North Carolinians are changing it up with their affinity for rice as a Thanksgiving side. Comforting, easy to make, endless possibilities — we see where they're coming from. We'll do them one better with this spicy brown rice with lentils and caramelized onions. 

For the Sweet Spiced Brown Rice and Gingered Lentils with Caramelized Onions recipe, click here. 

North Dakota: Baked mac 'n' cheese

North Dakota knows what's good. And that is, of course, baked mac 'n' cheese. Add some cream cheese to the usual list of ingredients and nothing will ever be the same. 

For the Cheese and Macaroni Pie recipe, click here

Ohio: Cranberry relish

Cranberries are that underrated side dish no one appreciates until it's missing from the spread. At least we know people in Ohio won't ever forget it. 

For the Baked Brie With Apple Cranberry Relish recipe, click here

Oklahoma: Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes become a star appetizer in this hummus recipe. It may not be exactly what Oklahoma was looking for, but it's certain to be a crowd-pleaser. 

For the Sweet Potato Hummus recipe, click here

Oregon: Mashed potatoes

Oregonians are just looking for mashed potatoes, but we'll see their potatoes and raise them a cheesy casserole. And while we're at it, have you considered packing your table with delicious holiday casseroles

For the Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole recipe, click here.

Pennsylvania: Sausage stuffing

Pennsylvanians get specific with their search for a side, and why shouldn't they? Sausage stuffing sounds delightful. 

For the Turkey with Sage and Sausage Stuffing recipe, click here. 

Rhode Island: Deviled eggs

Rhode Islanders add the classic vintage party dish, deviled eggs, to their Thanksgiving menu for easy, tasty bites.

For the Easy Deviled Eggs recipe, click here

South Carolina: Cornbread dressing

Cornbread dressing (not stuffing because we're in South Carolina) is no doubt a Southern favorite. To switch things up a bit, how about this chipotle corn pudding recipe? 

For the Chipotle Corn Pudding recipe, click here.

South Dakota: Corn casserole

South Dakota prefers corn casserole, but creamed corn is its creamier, more luxurious sister. Corn, milk, cream cheese and butter are all melted together for a truly decadent side. 

For the Creamed Corn recipe, click here. 

Tennessee: Sweet potato casserole

"You're the only 10 I see," is what the people of Tennessee will say when they find the perfect sweet potato casserole. This recipe with pineapple, pecans, cranberries and marshmallows is in fact a 10/10. 

For the Dean's Sweet Potato Casserole recipe, click here. 


Texas: Cornbread dressing

If Texas wants a cornbread dressing, here's a Tex-Mex version perfect for a Southern Thanksgiving table. Bring the heat and the sweet with this twist on a Thanksgiving staple. 

For the Mango Jalapeño Cornbread Stuffing recipe, click here.

Utah: Yams

Utah's been searching for some yams. There's recurring confusion over the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. But this might make life easier: What you probably think of as a yam is in fact a sweet potato. Most people tend to think those long, red-skinned sweet potatoes are yams, but they're just one of many varieties of sweet potatoes. Actual yams have bark-like skin and are not orange inside.

For the Sweet Potato Candied Yams recipe, click here

Vermont: Green bean casserole

Vermonters are seeking the creamy, zesty flavor of a green bean casserole, and this recipe turns up the heat with the addition of pepper jack cheese. 

For the Pepper Jack Green Bean Casserole recipe, click here. 

Virginia: Candied yams

Now that we've cleared up any yams/sweet potato confusion, we can admit that "candied yams" is just fun to say, so we'll stick it, as Virginia does. This recipe clears all confusion and calls it what it is — sweet potato candied yams. Perfect.

For the Sweet Potato Candied Yams recipe, click here. 

Washington: Cranberry sauce

Washington's search is not original, but who can resist a classic? And if you are looking for a straightforward cranberry sauce with no extra flavors, this one's for you. 

For the Homemade Cranberry Sauce recipe, click here

West Virginia: Mac and cheese

West Virginia may have been looking for just a classic recipe, but this is Thanksgiving dinner. Why not add a luxurious unexpected ingredient that goes great in mac and cheese, such as lobster? 

For the Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe, click here.

Wisconsin: Sweet potato

Does sweet potato pie have to be saved for dessert? Asking for Wisconsin, which is looking for the best ways to use those sweet potatoes. If you're looking for holiday pie inspiration, we have you covered

For the Sweet Potato Pie recipe, click here


Wyoming: Classic stuffing