50 Best Summer Salads for When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

50 Best Summer Salads for When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

These recipes will help you get something delicious on the table, with minimal effort in the kitchen

Summer days are better spent outside of the kitchen. Instead of laboring over meals for hours, that time can be devoted to hanging out with family and friends, entertaining energetic children, and relaxing by the pool.

In the winter months, there can be nothing more satisfying than holing up in the warmth and comfort of the kitchen, surrounded by warm flames, good smells and hearty dishes, bubbling away. But when it comes to summer, hot and humid, there can sometimes be nothing worse than being confined to the sweltering hot boxes that so many kitchens become. Any cool air gets enveloped and devoured after twenty minutes with the oven on low! Forget about a roast chicken or a nice stir fry!

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If you want to get to cooking something heartier, then you are better off succumbing to the season and grilling in the fresh, open air. If even grilling is too much to contemplate during the sleepy summer afternoons, then turn instead to a satisfying salad and relish in the comfort of a home that has not been transformed from cool oasis to fiery inferno just for the sake of dinner.

Buying certain pre-cooked ingredients at the supermarket can greatly aid in efforts to minimize the time spent cooking in the kitchen. A rotisserie chicken, some canned legumes and cold cuts can add heartiness to your plate with no effort at all. Some of the recipes we collected do call for the most basic of cooking — like frying a rasher or two of bacon, which for the sake of a delicious salad, should be acceptable even if one doesn’t feeling like doing any real cooking.

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So click on to peruse these 50 salad recipes and discover dishes that won’t heat up your home or drain you of all your energy. After all, summer should be a time to relax, stay cool and make sure any children in your lives are entertained and not getting into too much trouble.