Monika Sudakov

Illinois, USA
Chapman University, University Of Nevada Las Vegas
Food Anthropology, Cooking For Dietary Restrictions, Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Monika is an award-winning chef of over 17 years with a focus on teaching, exposing others to international cuisine, and accommodating a variety of dietary restrictions of every possible permutation.
  • As a regular contributing writer for a mental health and wellness site since 2016, she has written on subjects ranging from trauma to anxiety to cooking for a variety of chronic health conditions.
  • Her professional credentials include becoming a Certified Culinary Professional with the International Association of Culinary professionals and she is a self-professed oenophile with a particular interest in pairing food with wine.


Chef Monika has helmed an award winning bed and breakfast and restaurant for over 17 years where she has gained critical acclaim for her unique spin on Mediterranean inspired cuisine. Her education in gastro-anthropology gives her a particularly wide depth of knowledge on all things food and beverage related. In 2016 she began writing for The Mighty, the largest online health community focusing on mental health and living with chronic illness. Her passion for accommodating dietary restrictions of all kinds has been featured in numerous articles focused on cooking for conditions ranging from gastro-paresis to depression. Her insatiable appetite for knowledge about everything culinary is reflected in her writing and ongoing professional endeavors.


Her eclectic education includes: bachelor's degree in french; bachelor's degree in media performance; master's degree in cultural anthropology with an emphasis in food and culture; culinary certification through the International Association of Culinary Professionals. She has also studied abroad in Paris, France, and spent extensive time researching for her master's degree in Morocco, where she learned to cook from indigenous Berber women.
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