'Bar Rescue' Star Jon Taffer Introduces Craft Drink Mixes At Walmart

In his TV show 'Bar Rescue,' Jon Taffer uses his mixology and bar expertise to save failing watering holes and turn them into some of the best bars in the country. Now, he has introduced a line of craft drink mixes called Taffer's Mixologist in supermarkets so that you can create high-quality cocktails at home.

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Taffer combined his expertise of having opened over 800 bars with the precision of mixologist Brian Van Flandern to create mixes for seven popular cocktails. You can use them to make a bloody mary, cosmopolitan, margarita, mojito, piña colada, skinny margarita or strawberry margarita. The drink mixes use all fresh ingredients and don't include any artificial preservatives.

"We also used healthy ingredients like monk fruit to deliver a product that has amazing flavor and is lower in calories than some other brands," the TV personality said in a press release. So unlike many popular cocktails, these won't load you up on too much added sugar. All of the mixes are less than 100 calories per serving.

Though some cocktails are easy to make yourself, others require a certain level of expertise, Van Flandern said. He hopes the mixes will provide an experience that's "like having an experienced mixologist in your own home."

The mixes can be found at Walmart and other retailers across America. Each 32-ounce bottle costs $6 or less, and yields between nine and 13 cocktails (depending, of course, on the heaviness of your pour). Purchasing a quality cocktail outside your home can rack up quite the large bar tab — you may want to save that for one of the 150 best bars in America.