Brad Pitt Has His First Taste of Vegemite

When offered a jar, the actor enthusiastically dug in

Vegemite is Australia's favorite spread.

Actor and producer Brad Pitt was eager for his first taste of the Australian spread Vegemite when offered a jar by the hosts of Australian talk show “The Project.”

Pitt, who is in Australia promoting his new film World War Z, had never had the spread before, though he said that he knew it from the famous Men At Work song “Down Under,” which mentions a Vegemite sandwich.

The hosts of “The Project” had the jar personalized so that it read, “Brad Pitt’s Vegemite.” “They’re not selling it like that,” laughed one of the hosts, Carrie Bickmore.

When Bickmore got up to find something for Pitt to spread the Vegemite on, Pitt simply dipped his finger in. “You’re not meant to eat it like that!” said Bickmore, but Pitt waved it off, though it seemed as though he hadn’t been prepared for what the salty, yeast-based spread actually tasted like.

“I could see how that would work on a cracker or bread,” he said, and suggested that it might be good with beer to wash it down.