Jay Wilson

United Kingdom
B.A. In English Literature
Diet & Nutrition, Health, Exercise
  • Jay is highly interested and passionate about all things health, nutrition, and exercise.
  • He's written for multiple brands and websites with a focus on nutrition and health, and has amassed extensive expertise in the subject area.
  • In his spare time, Jay likes keeping up with evolving news and information about nutrition and exercise, as well as being a regular runner, gym goer, and yoga practitioner.


Jay works extensively as a freelance content writer and copywriter. He joined Health Digest at the start of 2021, and also currently writes for House Digest. As a freelance writer, Jay has provided content for multiple blogs and businesses in areas ranging from health and nutrition to house renovation, e-commerce, fintech, and celebrity news. He also works as a creative writing teacher and spends far too much time on cooking blogs.


Jay holds a First Class B.A. in English Literature. As an English grad, Jay loves thinking about how language can be used to inspire and inform in equal measure.
Stories By Jay Wilson