Salad Making

25 Salads You Can Prep on Sunday and Eat All Week Long

Salads you will never get sick of eating
Salad Making

Eating healthy is a priority that many of us push aside due to the rigorous schedules we constantly find ourselves in. Wholesome meals balanced with fresh produce are substituted for quick unhealthy foods we grab or get delivered on the fly because of convenience. That being said, there is a way to take back control of our diets and incorporate healthier alternatives into our daily routines. We have dug deep to round up our favorite salads that you can prep, pack, take on the go, and enjoy for days.

25 Salads You Can Prep on Sunday and Eat All Week Long Gallery

Planning what you are going to eat for the week takes some serious time and energy. That’s why we have taken all the grunt work out of this daunting task and have come up with a game plan that’s easy to follow, and will have you eating clean in no time at all. Here it is.

Over the weekend when you have free time, pick some favorite salad recipes that we have put together for you. Once you have figured out which recipes you would like to cook, make a shopping list and head to the grocery store to do some shopping. On Sunday (or any day rather) prep all your salad ingredients. Depending on the recipe, you may want to keep certain elements separated, such as delicate greens, vegetables that oxidize (avocados and zucchini), and garnishes like croutons that lose their crunch when smothered in vinaigrettes.


Another tip on dressings: Make them all in advance, store them in individual containers, and wait to dress the salads right before you eat them to maintain textural integrity. Nobody likes a soggy salad…right? So make some room in your refrigerator for tons of fresh veggies and be sure to check out these 25 salads you can prep on Sunday and eat all week long.