Protein-Packed Breakfasts That Aren’t Eggs

Get egg-cited to stray from the carton for once

Quinoa can easily be turned into a satisfying, plant-based morning meal. 

We know there are bajillions of ways to eat eggs. Sunny side up, scrambled, poached, in a cloud… But sometimes, you just don’t want an egg every single morning. And it seems like every time a nutritionist or other source tells us to eat more protein at breakfast, they bring up the egg. As if you hadn’t already thought of that.

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Though they’re a cheap, nutrient-dense staple, eggs just aren’t for every morning. Sometimes you want to eat something sweet — and we’re sorry, we just can’t get on board with the idea of a sweet omelette. But you don’t want to miss out on the essential nutrition of a protein-packed breakfast.

If you don’t get enough protein at breakfast, you can end up feeling pretty low afterwards. You might be hungry again, even after theoretically consuming enough calories to last you through your morning. You could find it hard to concentrate, since your brain is lacking some essential fuel. You might even feel tired, sluggish, or just plain irritable.


Getting your protein in at the start of the day can help to solve all of that. And there are more ways to do it than just with an egg. Whether you’re vegan, don’t like eggs, or are just tired of boring egg-white omelettes, these recipes are for you.