The Best Grocery Store in Every State

Did your favorite local market make our list?
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Check below to see if your favorite store made our list of the best grocery store in every state.

Grocery stores can be a source of pleasure or pain, joy or misery.

Some of us can spend hours roaming the aisles happily reading labels and dreaming of what to make for dinner. For others, though, grocery shopping is a chore, the singular focus being to get in, get out, and get home as quickly as humanly possible.

The Daily Meal has previously ranked the nation’s best supermarkets chains, but now we go further by asking: What is the best grocery store in each state?

Thrillist recently published an article announcing the most popular market in every state using the number of stores a chain had within the state as an indication of popularity. Consequently, this led to mega supermarket chains like Safeway and Walmart topping the list in nearly every location. But just because Walmart has hundreds of stores in California, does that make it the best place to shop?

To find the answer, we went to the people.

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We looked at reviews on Google, Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook and analyzed local polls, social media posts, and check-ins. We also conducted informal polls of friends, family, and acquaintances in far-off states in search of the answer, weighing concerns and praise about price, quality of products, and customer service, as well as store cleanliness.

Note that this report excludes small specialty and gourmet markets and focuses on the everyday shopping needs of the American consumer. Still, you’ll find that independently owned locally founded stores often won out over the local big chains like Kroger or Whole Foods. Unless indicated otherwise, all reviewer quotes were collected from Google Reviews.  

Check below to see if your favorite store made our list of the best grocery store in every state.

Alabama- Renfroe’s Market

Alaska- Safeway

Arizona- Sprouts Market

Arkansas- Edwards Food Giant

California- Berkeley Bowl

Colorado- King Soopers

Connecticut- Stew Leonard’s

Delaware- Janssen’s Market

Florida- Publix

Georgia- Whole Foods

Hawaii- Foodland

Idaho- Natural Grocers

Illinois- Nature’s Best Fresh Market

Indiana- Fresh Market

Iowa- Hy-Vee

Kansas- Roeland Park Price Chopper

Kentucky- Lucky’s Market

Louisiana- Rouses

Maine- Hannaford Brothers Company

Maryland- Wegmans

Massachusetts- Market Basket

Michigan- Meijer

Minnesota- Kowalski’s Market

Mississippi- Rainbow Co-op

Missouri- Schnucks

Montana-Community Food Co-op

Nebraska- Open Harvest Grocery Co-op

Nevada- WinCo Foods

New Hampshire- A Market

New Jersey- King’s Super Markets

New Mexico- La Montanita Food Co-op Market Nob Hill

New York- Fairway

North Carolina- Harris Teeter

North Dakota- Dan’s Supermarket

Ohio-Jungle Jim’s International Market

Oklahoma- Crest Foods

Oregon- New Seasons Market Seven Corners

Pennsylvania- Giant Food Stores

Rhode Island- Eastside Marketplace

South Carolina- Harris Teeters

South Dakota- Lynn’s Dakotamart

Tennessee- The Turnip Trucks

Texas- H-E-B

Utah- Harmon’s

Vermont- Onion River Co-op

Virginia- Ellwood Thompson

Washington- PCC Market

West Virginia- Capital Market

Wisconsin- Woodman’s Market

Wyoming-King Soopers

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