mason jar salads
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The Internet Wanted to Know If Mason Jar Salads Are Pointless, So We Answered

Mason jar salads are Instagram gold, but are they practical to eat out of?
mason jar salads
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Here at The Daily Meal, we tend to feature Mason jar recipes often because they’re so darn pretty. But as of late, the internet is questioning whether or not this method of meal preparation is practical. “For the love of God can we please stop telling people to pack salad in mason jars for desk lunches?” @Kinsey_Gidick wrote on Twitter. “It’s maddening. It’s too difficult to eat salad properly through mason jars! Get a bowl like a real person, you hipsters!” exclaimed @IntroToGreek.

To settle this heated debate, we asked our editorial team to weigh in on whether or not Mason jar meals should exist.

“I have eaten one. The salad was delicious. The jar made it kind of a pain to eat, but it did look lovely. Also I later used the jar for more practical things than putting a salad in it,” one editor said.

“Pro: Your salads don’t get squished in an overstuffed tote bag. Cons: heavy and who has a fork that long?” asked another.

“JUSTICE FOR MASON JAR SALADS. I used to take them when I had a three hour lecture during dinner and they are very easy to eat if you layer them correctly. Plus they are also pretty!” exclaimed one writer.

“I’m alright with the Mason jar salad as a mode of transport. If you’re reusing something as opposed to buying new glassware or Tupperware, that’s not a bad thing. I think they can be impractical to eat out of, but if you want to do it, live your life,” wrote another.

Then, someone dropped a truth bomb on all of us. “You’re not supposed to eat it out of the jar!” our colleague explained. “You’re supposed to put the dressing on the bottom so that your salad doesn’t get soggy — and then pour it onto a plate or bowl later. People who eat out of the jar are missing the point.”


In conclusion, Mason jars are beautiful but ultimately impractical. If you agree — here are the top 26 best food storage containers for you to use for your salads instead.