Get Ready For Nigella Lawson's New Cooking Show, 'At My Table'

Nigella Lawson — a U.K.-based food personality, chef, journalist, and cook book author — is cooking up a new TV series, At My Table, which will air on BBC2 later this year.

According to RadioTimes, At My Table will be a six-part series about the wonders of home cooking.

"I'm excited to be making this new series and to share with viewers many new recipes alongside favorites that have evolved as I've cooked them over the years," Nigella told RadioTimes.

Ultimately, the show will be a "celebration of home cooking, infusing everyday with pleasure and flavor" in addition to the interpersonal relationships that can be built while doing it.

"What matters most in life is the connections we have with each other and food is always at the heart of this," Nigella said.

Lawson also gave the world a behind-the-scenes look while filming the show on Instagram.

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