Post Malone Went On The Best Olive Garden Date Ever With Jimmy Fallon

We now know that our absolute dream date is going to Olive Garden with Post Malone. The heavily-tattooed rapper took talk show host Jimmy Fallon to the Olive Garden in New York City's Times Square for a Tonight Show segment and it was honestly everything. From pulling up to the restaurant in a pink Hummer limo to ordering a laundry basket of croutons, the famous duo lived their best lives at the Italian chain where "when you're there, you're family" — which also happens to be Post Malone's favorite restaurant.

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Fallon had never been to Olive Garden before, so Post filled him in on some important hacks. The "Better Now" rapper showed the former "Saturday Night Live" funnyman the "Post Malone-style" way of eating an Olive Garden breadstick (with a sliver of butter in every bite) and how to order Olive Garden's Chicken Parmigiana (extra crispy).

In return, Fallon guessed whether Post is a ketchup or mustard guy (he's a ketchup guy) and gifted the rapper the legal rights to the slogan "When you're here, you're family." (Yes, seriously. Olive Garden's president officially signed over the slogan to Fallon during a "Late Night" segment in 2013.)

Regardless, they drank free wine, ate free salad and breadsticks, and ordered an entire laundry basket of croutons. Fallon even got Olive Garden staff to bring Post a birthday cake, even though the star's big day is nine months away.

Dreams? Realized. No date could ever compare. All we want is a dream date to Olive Garden with Post Malone for some extra crispy chicken parmigiana and free breadsticks and butter. We would totally go to a family chain with a celebrity. We don't care that it's sorta weird.