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Jason Derulo Is a Vegan Now

However, he still craves chicken nuggets, and we can’t blame him

The latest celebrity to go vegan is singer-song writer Jason Derulo. He revealed the choice in lifestyle change to Men’s Health in an exclusive interview.

“Yeah, so I’m vegan now,” he told the male-focused wellness publication. “I feel lighter. I feel healthier. My eyeballs are super-white.” He added, noting that the change is also affecting him physically.

He also discussed the food he eats as a vegan. He may have an affinity for greens and lentils, but the “Swalla” singer admits that he still craves things that taste like his old eating habits.

Men's Health

“You really need to have a bunch of greens and ... things you enjoy as well. Spinach is something I could eat consistently ... and mushrooms, and vegetable soup. I love lentils. I love all the different things you can do with jackfruit. And tofu ... [when] I need something that tastes like a chicken nugget or something…”

Luckily, tofu can be delicious — here are 6 great recipes.

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