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This Viral Cake-Cutting Hack Will Change Your Life Forever

The Sydney-based blogger’s cake hack has gone viral, receiving more than 1.3 million views

The pressure of cutting a cake at a party is real. You could go for the traditional triangle cut, but one food blogger shook the internet with her simple cake cutting hack using a cutting board.

Katherine Sabbath, a home baker and self-proclaimed “cake creative,” posted a video on Instagram showing how to cut hefty cakes.

“A fine example of how to cut my whopper of a cake into responsible servings! The best thing about this is, you can always go back for seconds or thirds,” Sabbath wrote in the caption.

To do the hack yourself, hold a cutting board upright against the side of the cake and cut across the length, which will result in a rectangular piece that will lay flat against the cutting board. Lower the board down to the table, then cut the rectangular piece of cake into smaller slices.

The cake cutting trick left viewers in awe, with one Instagram user saying it’s the best way to cut slices of cake.

“It's enough for cake lovers to enjoy, enough for people who prefer to have a small slice, and always room for leftover so that people can get more pieces of cake,” na_jazzmyn wrote in a comment.

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