50 Best Brunch Recipes 2017

Our 50 Best Brunch Recipes for 2017

Don’t worry about putting together a menu; throw a stunning, one-of-a-kind brunch with these dishes

Is there a more pleasant way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning than by hosting a brunch for your friends and family? We’re not so sure that there is. Brunch has the most indulgent foods and a low-key yet elegant vibe, and it’s the perfect excuse to start drinking at 10 a.m. And though pleasant company is the best part of any party, no brunch would be complete without an incredible menu filled with eggs, salted meats, sweet cakes, and plenty of booze.

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Whether you have a sweet tooth, want to dig into something meaty and savory, or are looking to make your brunch a boozy affair, we have something here for you. We’ve curated a list of our 50 best brunch recipes from the last 12 months and put them together to help you plan the perfect party menu with ease.

If you’re looking for brunch classics, it may be best to look elsewhere. While we steadfastly stand behind iconic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, syrup-drenched French toast, and a perfectly mixed mimosa, our 50 Best Brunch Recipes for 2017 list includes plenty of creative twists to make your brunch party stand out from the pack.

From beautiful hybrid dishes like a sweet egg crêpe with cherry jam to a crisp, rich caramelized onion tart recipe, the last thing your brunch menu will be is boring. And because we know no brunch would be complete without a cocktail (or two, or three…), we’re taking you beyond pre-made Bloody Marys and bottles of Champagne. Our brunch cocktails like the Golden Espresso Bellini, Thames Lemonade, and Fruity Mango Sangria take your favorite drinks and flip them on their head.