Make Sure You Grill These 21 Dinner Party Dishes Before Summer is Over

Don’t let summer slip away without having grilled all these savory and sweet backyard cookout meals multiple times
Eggplant Caprese


Ripe tomatoes, grilled eggplants, and melting mozzarella makes the most perfect summer dinner party appetizer.

As we step into the final weeks of August, we have suddenly realized that these seemingly endless balmy, bright summer months are drawing to a close. While we will miss the heat of the sun, the ice cream, and diving into cold swimming pools, we will most miss all the grilling.

So, in a bid to make the most of our favorite outdoor cooking technique, we’ve pulled together our most summer-perfect recipes that we really need to make sure we cook (or cook again), before another year passes us by.

Make Sure You Grill These 21 Dinner Party Dishes Before Summer is Over (Slideshow)

Backyard cookouts are a well-loved, recurring event throughout the summer, and we’re really going to miss them when they’re gone and we’re forced to retreat inside and turn the oven on instead. So take this opportunity to invite your friends over a couple more times before Labor Day rolls around, and cook them up an idyllic summer feast which shows of the season’s finest produce. From corn to peaches to ripe, juicy tomatoes, we can’t get enough of our favorite summer ingredients, and will be obsessively grilling and eating them as much as possible until the warm weather disappears for good. 

Cooking an entire dinner party menu on the grill really is one of the best things about summer: Suddenly cooking is incredibly social, can be done when your guests have already arrived, and leaves you totally relaxed. Begin your dinner party with sweet and salty bacon-wrapped grilled peaches, follow them with grilled swordfish steaks, grilled corn, and a grilled eggplant salad. You could even serve your dessert straight from the grill with a decadent grilled s’more calzone.

Read on to discover our favorite 21 recipes that you need to make sure are on your summer grilling bucket list immediately.

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