No-Cook Dinner Party Dishes for Those Sweltering Summer Evenings

It is possible to throw a dinner party without even turning the oven on


Chilled gazpacho is the perfect dinner party appetizer.

When it’s too hot to cook, throwing a dinner party is totally unappealing: If you’re lucky enough to have a grill, you’ll end up sweating over it for several hours; if you don’t have a grill, you’ll need to turn on the oven and push the temperature in your apartment to more than 100 degrees.

But neither of these options need to apply — a much better idea is to throw a dinner party without cooking anything at all. You don’t even need to boil a pot of water.

No-Cook Dinner Party Dishes for Those Sweltering Summer Evenings (Slideshow)

No-cook dishes don’t just consist of crudités and a tub of store-bought hummus, followed by a sweating cheese platter. Although we would never reject either of those offerings, we fancy something slightly more refined, more decadent, and more extravagant for our summer dinner party. And, of course, everything should be accompanied by cool, crisp wines, ice-cold water, and regular blasts of chilling air-con.

Begin your meal with a simple, vegetable-focused offering: Handing round creamy, herbed avocado tartines with pre-dinner drinks is always a popular way to get your party started. For the appetizer you have so many options ranging from a chilled tomato gazpacho to a classic Italian Caprese salad. The hardest part of this meal to navigate without an oven is obviously the entrée, but when you can choose between ceviche, zucchini pasta and pesto, or a marinated zucchini chicken salad, the lack of oven really doesn’t appear to be a problem.

Obviously, dessert could just be your favorite pint of ice cream, but it could also be homemade cookie butter ice cream, or an ice cream pie, or some super simple but super refreshing summer fruit. We think maybe we need to host a no-cook dinner party multiple times this summer so that we have a chance to serve and eat all our absolute favorite no-cook dinner party dishes.

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