New Jersey Restaurant Names Vegan Burger After Bernie Sanders

In a nod to his democratic socialism, the vegan burger features red beans, chili powder, and paprika
New Jersey Restaurant Names Vegan Burger After Bernie Sanders

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Eric Nyman, the man who created the burger, says he hopes to inspire Sanders to go vegan. 

Eric Nyman, the owner of Wildflower, a vegan restaurant in Millville, New Jersey, has named one of its burgers after Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator running against Hillary Clinton for the democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders, who recently earned the nickname “Bernie Sandwiches” — after MSNBC host Chris Hayes misspoke while reporting on his New Hampshire victory —  is not vegan himself, but the Bernie Sanders Burger features red beans, mushrooms, hummus, avocado, sweet potato, chili powder, paprika,  and cumin.

The red beans, and red hue of several ingredients, is said to represent Sanders’ commitment to democratic socialism, as red is the color of the socialist party. Nyman also hopes that the burger might inspire Sanders to give veganism a try. “Bernie seems to be open to considering new things and growing and extending his consciousness,” Nyman told CBS Philadelphia. “We’re hoping he’ll realize that vegan is a good thing.”

Sanders, for the record, has been described by his family as “Paleo before Paleo was a thing.”


In a nod to another strong candidate, the menu also features one of Donald Trump’s favorite adjectives. “It’s yuuge,” a Wildflower employee added to the menu description of the Sanders burger.