TÖST Is The Most Delicious Beverage You've Never Heard Of

If you've ever wondered what to drink when you're not drinking, but you don't want to sacrifice the taste of a carefully crafted beverage — here's the scoop: TÖST is a fruity, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink with more flavor than a seltzer and less sugar than a soda.

The Specialty Food Association recently presented TÖST with a SOFI award, which stands for "specialty outstanding food innovation," for the best new product in the ready-to-drink cold beverage category. The all-natural, low-calorie white tea, white cranberry, and ginger drink is one of 156 food and drink winners selected from 2,600 submissions in 39 separate categories.

"We are enormously grateful to the national panel of culinary experts who recognize the distinctly delicious flavor of TÖST," TÖST CEO Brooks Addington said in a release. "We are looking forward to sharing TÖST at the Summer Fancy Food Show and with the many customers who will be tasting our beverage for the first time in the near future."

If you don't wish to skip out on the booze, but still want to enjoy the taste of TÖST, it can also be used as a mixer as an alternative to unhealthful sodas and juice. This effervescent drink is available at select restaurants and retailers across the Northeast and Midwest, including everyone's favorite organic market, Whole Foods.