This Unicorn Café Is a Pastel Paradise With Rainbow Cake and Carbonara

A unicorn-themed café that opened in Bangkok, Thailand features rainbow-colored décor and food

A mashup between your pre-teen bedroom and a Lisa Frank poster come to life in the form of a twee café.

The Unicorn Café that just opened in Bangkok, Thailand, takes pastels very seriously. The entire rainbow-hued restaurant is covered in soft colors, plush unicorn stuffed animals, and sparkling chandeliers.

Unsurprisingly, you can order brightly colored rainbow carbonara, adorably sweet desserts, and a unicorn burger where the bun is horn-shaped. If you’re feeling daring, the menu also boasts a cone-shaped “spaghetti meatball lava cheese” volcanic pasta creation.

At the Unicorn Café, the utensils are bejeweled and the drinks are neon blue and purple. Diners are invited to take selfies with and cuddle the plush My Little Pony stuffed animals. However, the owners of the Unicorn Café know that this novelty is not just for children: They provide adult-sized unicorn onesies for comfortable dining.


According to bloggers at The Smart Local, some of the edible highlights of the café include a rainbow crêpe cake layered with cream filling, pastel pink and green rainbow waffles with strawberries and cream, and a star-shaped galaxy frappe that’s “good for sharing” and tastes like frozen cotton candy.