Another Almond Milk Brand Is Facing A Lawsuit For Not Using Enough Almonds

We reported last week that a lawsuit was filed against Blue Diamond claiming that the company falsely advertises their Almond Breeze product as being made primarily with almonds. Another almond milk brand is under fire for not containing enough almonds.

WhiteWave Foods, owner of Silk, is being sued by the same legal firm for only using two percent almonds, according to Food Navigator.

Tracy Albert and Sandy Karacsony filed the lawsuit in late June, saying that this almond milk is mostly made from water and "various types of thickening agents, such as locust bean gum and gellan gum."

Though there is not a standard percentage of how many almonds should be in almond milk, most recipes online contain one part almonds and three or four parts water. The lawsuit states that the advertising for Silk almond milk is misleading, because the beverage is not made primarily from almonds. It is almost identical to the lawsuit filed against Blue Diamond.

The lawsuit also states that Silk's soy milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk contain only a tiny fraction of plant-based ingredients.

A spokesperson for WhiteWave Foods told Food Navigator that this lawsuit has "no merit," and said: "We remain confident that our labeling is accurate and the contents of our almondmilk are correctly listed within our ingredient panel. We will continue to aggressively defend the labeling on Silk almondmilk products because we believe lawsuits like this one have no merit."