Adrienne Houghton’s Fruit Punch Tuna Salad Recipe Is Seriously Grossing People Out

That doesn’t sound particularly ‘cheetah-licious’ to us, Adrienne
Adrienne Houghton
The Daily Meal/Getty Images/ Matt Winkelmeyer

TV and YouTube personality Adrienne Houghton revealed to her online followers that she makes tuna salad with fruit punch. 

We’ve heard of people putting weird things in their tuna salad like cranberries and cucumbers, but we’ve never heard anyone make a tuna salad like this. TV personality and recent YouTube sensation Adrienne Houghton (née Bailon) has exposed the world to her tuna salad recipe, and it includes… fruit punch.

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The former Cheetah Girl revealed her self-described “bomb” recipe, in a video for her “All Things Adrienne” series titled: “My Favorite Weird Food Combinations.” In the video, she includes banana quesadillas, cheerios fried in butter, and her piece de resistance: fruit punch tuna salad.

To make the dish, Houghton mixes her canned fish, mayo, salt and pepper combination with what looks like about a fourth of a cup of fruit punch. Houghton doesn’t even use powdered drink mix, she pours the sugary bright red fruit-flavored liquid straight into her bowl of mayo and fish. Yes, we are gagging too.

“You can see I have a problem,” she said, explaining her tuna salad recipe. “I was home one day in high school. I had to make myself an after-school snack. I made myself tuna fish and I was like, this isn’t doing much for my taste buds. How do I create something that is just amazing? And this my friends, is what I created.”

Oh yeah, and then she takes her finished sandwich, and dunks the bread containing the tuna-punch mixture into her glass of leftover fruit punch. Everyone who viewed the video could see that she had a problem, and that problem was her tuna salad recipe.

“It’s been three days and I’m still disgusted by Adrienne Bailon’s tuna and fruit punch sandwich,” wrote Twitter user @SimoneU14.

“Adrienne Bailon really poured fruit punch into her tuna salad and then proceeded to dunk her sandwich into the fruit punch....” tweeted Eleanor.

“I never understood why i didn’t like adrienne bailon until i saw her dip her tuna salad sandwich into her koolaid,” lamented Jonathan Jay Salley.

The comments on her YouTube page aren’t much better. No one seems to support this creative recipe idea that Adrienne came up with thanks to, as she says, her “high-end taste buds” and “low-class budget.”

“That fruit punch tuna situation has me thrown,” wrote GabriellaGlamour. “Tuna fish and fruit punch sandwich… I’m upset, I’m confused, I’m intrigued, I’m worried, I’m annoyed at myself for being open to trying this,” commented Dalina Baby.


Honestly, we can’t tell what’s worse. Fruit punch tuna salad or these sorta weird diet habits of your favorite celebrities.