Tips and Tricks to Upgrade a Desk-Lunch Salad

Learn tips on how to build flavor, play with textures, and make your salad exciting and satiating

If you are at your desk — perhaps working through another hectic lunch hour — and you open your lunch container, gaze down at your meal, and let out an apathetic sigh, it may be time to make a change.

Break the monotony of sad desk lunches with an artfully composed, filling, and satisfying salad.

We want to help you upgrade your greens, and make lunch a time to look forward to.  

In this article we share tips on how to be creative and how to build flavor without compromising diet or budget. Your salad can taste good while also being satiating and nourishing.

With a couple changes, your desk-lunch salad could be the highlight of your day! Well, maybe not of your day… it’s just a salad, after all. But maybe you’ll at least get excited about your lunch.


In this article, we show you how to make your salad a real meal, not just a side dish or a sad afterthought.