It's Soup Season! The 50 Best Winter Soup Recipes

It's Soup Season! The 50 Best Recipes Ever

Turn on those ovens! Fire up the stove! Tis the season to begin roasting, baking, and feeling the comfort of heat in the kitchen. Summer is over and fall is finally here. With the changing season, cold weather apprehension has turned to romantic idealism with thoughts of steamy drinks and warming dishes and cozy scarves.

To start the season off right, consider making a big pot of steaming soup. So much is in season right now, ripe for the picking and ready to be eaten. This collection of soups, perfect for the winter season, is packed with the flavors of the moment like squash, apples, carrots, and so much more. These soups are sure to satiate and can be made a meal unto themselves, as they are bolstered with hearty vegetables, grains, and starches (although serving them with a good slice of crusty bread is never, ever a bad thing).

One huge benefit of making soups from scratch is controlling the amount of salt added. Too often, canned soups contain unhealthy levels of sodium and preservatives. Nancie McDermott, author of Southern Soups and Stews, says, "For any soup recipe, you can add salt last, when the cooking is finished.That way, the saltiness won't change. If you salt early on, as your soup simmers, flavors including saltiness can intensify as it thickens."

Additionally, don't ignore the power of onions and garlic, the sweetness of curry paste, the brightening capabilities of vinegar or citrus, and the fresh flavors of seasonal herbs. Whether you want just the classics, easy, slow cooker, healthy, or vegetarian we have our 50 Best Soup Recipes ready for your enjoyment.

Acorn Squash Soup With Pistachios, Black Bread, and Apples

This is a simple preparation of acorn squash made elegant with the complex flavors of pumpernickel, pistachio, and sweet apple.

 For the Acorn Squash Soup With Pistachios, Black Bread, and Apples recipe, click here.

All-American Cheeseburger Soup

Here's a fun and tasty soup the whole family can enjoy. For the full cheeseburger effect, serve with a side of toast (or maybe toasted buns), and garnish with hamburger toppings like Cheddar, pickles, and onions.

For the All-American Cheeseburger Soup recipe, click here.

Authentic Thai Vegetable Soup

The soup base combines coconut milk and pumpkin; when using fresh pumpkin, simply cook it with the other vegetables. You can also just stir canned pumpkin purée into the liquid.

 For the Authentic Thai Vegetable Soup recipe, click here.

Autumn Lentil Veggie Soup

The beauty of this soup is that you can substitute whatever leftover veggies and dry ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge in place of the ingredients required. Don't have kale? That's fine, throw in some spinach or collard greens. Don't have zucchini? Try some winter squash or broccoli instead. You can even change out the lentils and rice for whatever beans and grains you have in your pantry.

 For the Autumn Lentil Veggie Soup recipe, click here.

Baked Potato Soup

Potatoes are among the cheapest items at the grocery store, and when topped with sharp Cheddar, bacon, and sour cream, this ultra-simple and economical soup becomes something special and delicious.

For the Baked Potato Soup recipe, click here.

Bali Garden Soup

This soup is a traditional Indonesian dish that's brimming with a rainbow of healthy vegetables and packed with nourishment. Unlike curries or other saucy, spicy stews, this soup is light and clean in flavor.

For the Bali Garden Soup recipe, click here.

Bean and Barley Soup

In this soup, onions, celery, and carrots are sautéed together for a traditional mirepoix base and then seasoned with thyme and marjoram.

For the Bean and Barley Soup recipe, click here.

Beet Soup

With their magnificent color, delicious flavor, and vitamin richness, beets create a stunning and healthy soup.

For the Beet Soup recipe, click here.

Braised Pork and Coconut Soup

This soup is based on the classic Thai soup, tom kha gai, and it packs some complex flavors. The combination of coconut, chiles, fish sauce, and lime adds depth, and the addition of peanut butter adds a rich, roasted saltiness that just can't be matched.

For the Braised Pork and Coconut Soup recipe, click here.

Broccoli Soup

Did you know that the broccoli stalk is the most flavorful part of the vegetable? Most broccoli recipes you see only call for florets, leading to the stalk to get dumped in the trash. This soup makes good use of that flavor-heavy component.

For the Broccoli Soup recipe, click here.

Cabbage Soup With White Beans and Kale

This soup is really simple to put together and it's versatile, too: You can swap any dark green in your fridge for the kale and it will still be great — Swiss chard, collard greens, and spinach would all work really well as substitutes.

For the Cabbage Soup With White Beans and Kale, click here.

Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup

This soup is really simple to put together and it's versatile, too: You can swap any dark green in your fridge for the kale and it will still be great — Swiss chard, collard greens, and spinach would all work really well as substitutes.

For the Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup recipe, click here.

Carrot Soup

Ginger and honey are the secrets to this delicious soup — it's guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

For the Carrot Soup recipe, click here.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Try this lighter version of a chicken pot pie filling; you'll get the same delicious flavors as a chicken pot pie but in soup form.

For the Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe, click here.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

A traditional Mexican dish, tortilla soup is a spicy blend of tomatoes, vegetables, and crisp tortilla strips. This is an easy plant-powered version that you can whip up in no time. Tortilla soups traditionally get topped with sour cream, but this soup gets a garnish of plain, tangy Greek yogurt.

For the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe, click here.

Classic Butternut Squash Soup

A luxuriously smooth and elegant butternut squash soup is easier to make than you would think: Cook cubed squash in a flavorful broth enhanced by a mirepoix and then blend until you reach the desired consistency.

For the Classic Butternut Squash Soup recipe, click here.

Creamy Apple and Tomato Soup

With a hint of sweetness from the apple and carrot, this tomato soup is a perfect excuse to break into the canned tomatoes from summer.

For the Creamy Apple and Tomato Soup recipe, click here.

Creamy Broccoli Rabe Soup With Quinoa

A spin on a traditional creamy broccoli soup, this soup calls for broccoli rabe instead. Topped with crispy quinoa, this relatively guilt-free soup will leave you begging for more.

For the Creamy Broccoli Rabe Soup With Quinoa recipe, click here.

Creamy Eggplant Soup

Eggplant, potatoes, celery, garlic, and onion create a deeply flavored soup base; just peel the eggplant before sautéing to avoid the bitter flavor and color of the skins.

For the Creamy Eggplant Soup recipe, click here.

Creamy Onion, Leek, and Shallot Bisque

This is a soup for onion lovers. Caramelized onions, leeks, and shallots are puréed with chicken stock and then combined with sherry, sautéed onion, and a splash of cream and then topped with fried leeks.

For the Creamy Onion, Leek, and Shallot Bisque recipe, click here.

Curried Chicken and Coconut Soup

This lighter, low-fat rendition of chicken curry strikes a note of luxury without being overly rich.

For the Curried Chicken and Coconut Soup recipe, click here.

Curried Sweet Potato Soup

You'll be amazed at what sweet potatoes can do to your palate when they're paired with curry, coconut milk, and ginger.

For the curried Sweet Potato Soup recipe, click here.

Curry Pumpkin Soup

This spiced pumpkin soup could not be more perfect for fall. The crumbly Italian sausage along with the ginger, cumin, and coriander flavors will please your palate and leave you with a delightful warmth.

For the Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe, click here.

Dahi Ke Aloo (Potato and Yogurt Soup)

Dahi is Hindi for "yogurt," and aloo means "potatoes"; when potatoes are cooked in tangy and creamy yogurt with a few simple spices, they become the delicious dish, dahi ke aloo.

For the Dahi Ke Aloo recipe, click here

Fresh Pumpkin Soup

This comforting soup is pretty much a "set it and forget it" dish. Toss all the ingredients for the soup into the slow-cooker before you leave for work, and when you come back, all you'll have to do is toast the pumpkin seeds, if so desired.

For the Fresh Pumpkin Soup recipe, click here.

Golden Beet Soup

For this soup, leeks, onions, ginger, and beets are cooked together and then blended into a rich and satiating soup.

For the Golden Beet Soup recipe, click here.

Hearty Greens Soup

Use all manner of kale, chard, or other hearty greens in this filling, cold-weather soup. The broth is made super flavorful with an added Parmigiano-Reggiano rind, and the salty umami that melts into the hot broth is simply irresistible.

For the Hearty Greens Soup recipe, click here.

Honey Carrot Soup

This fall soup comes together with just a few ingredients and the honey complements the natural sweetness of the carrots perfectly.

For the Honey Carrot Soup recipe, click here.

Hot Pot Asian Soup (Shabu-Shabu)

Hotpot, also called shabu-shabu, is an Asian fondue-style dish in broth. This simplified and Americanized version is full of Asian-inspired flavors.

For the Hot Pot Asian Soup recipe, click here.

Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup

Warm up with this satisfying soup that's made with organic vegetable broth, organic kale, quinoa, organic cannellini beans, and lots of spice.

For the Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup recipe, click here.

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

When you're feeling under the weather, there's nothing like a bowl of chicken soup to warm you up. You'll find the warmth comforting, and the bright lemon flavor will wake your senses; finish the soup with a little heavy cream for an extra creamy texture.

For the Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup recipe, click here.

Maple Squash Soup

Butternut squash and apples get a pleasurable sweetness from maple syrup and are nicely accented by a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.

For the Maple Squash Soup recipe, click here.

Mexican Chicken Soup With Ancho Chiles

Here's a soup that can be put together quickly and offers comforting, warm, and spicy flavors. Serve the soup family-style and arrange the garnishes around the table in colorful bowls for everyone to dress up their soup.

For the Mexican Chicken Soup With Ancho Chiles recipe, click here.

Miso Soup

This miso soup begins with a simple kombu-based dashi (Japanese broth), then incredible flavor is built by the additions of rich flavors like soy sauce, ginger, sriracha, rice wine vinegar, sake, and white miso before topping with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, kale, and scallions.

For the Miso Soup recipe, click here.

Moroccan Tomato Lentil Soup

Loaded with fresh vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes, high-fiber legumes such as lentils and kidney beans, and aromatic Moroccan spices, this soup is as good for you as it is delicious.

For the Moroccan Tomato Lentil Soup recipe, click here.

Parsnip Soup

Parsnips are often overlooked by home cooks, but they have a slight nuttiness and the flavor is reminiscent of celery. They are lovely in soups and also roasted in the oven.

For the Parsnip Soup recipe, click here.

Peanut Soup

This creamy soup is made by stirring peanut butter into a flavorful vegetable broth. This is also a soup that can be made ahead of time; garnish with lime and chopped peanuts when ready to serve.

For the Peanut Soup recipe, click here.

Pear Soup, Ginger, Buttery Leeks

This hot soup is sweet and rich thanks to creamy pears, which are balanced by earthy leeks and brightened with a spicy hit of ginger.

For the Pear Soup, Ginger and Buttery Leaks recipe, click here.

Pork Miso Udon

This soup is the ultimate comfort food, providing a fun, flavorful way to incorporate pork, noodles, and vegetables into a single dish.

For the Pork Miso Udon recipe, click here.

Pumpkin, Lobster, and Ginger Soup

In this soup, lobster meat is highlighted by the rich, creamy flavors of pumpkin and the piquancy of fresh ginger. 

For the Pumpkin, Lobster, and Ginger Soup recipe here.

Roasted Curry Cauliflower Soup

To make this simple cauliflower soup, roast the cauliflower in the oven with a touch yellow curry powder. The roasting will deepen the flavors and give the soup a complexity you won't be able to get enough of.

For the Roasted Curry Cauliflower Soup recipe, click here.

Roasted Tomato Soup

With a delightful blend of tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and spices, this soup will leave every belly happy and warm.

For the Roasted Tomato Soup recipe, click here.

Roman “Egg Drop” Soup

Traditionally called stracciatella, this soup is served with shredded spinach and beaten egg. In fact, stracciare means "to rip to shreds" in Italian, and, indeed, that is how this soup looks after stirring beaten eggs with grated cheese in a good chicken broth.

For the Roman "Egg Drop" Soup recipe, click here.

Rustic Cheddar Potato Soup

This is a delicious and flavorful soup that is great for the fall season. Just throw all of your ingredients into the slow-cooker and let it simmer; when it's done, you can ladle half of it into a blender, blend, then add it back in for a creamier texture. 

For the Rustic Cheddar Potato Soup recipe, click here.

Soupe au Pistou (French Vegetable Soup)

This classic French soup is packed full of vegetables and topped with a salty pesto; it's healthy, hearty, and a perfect meal to satisfy and please the whole family.

For the Soupe au Pistou recipe, click here.

Tortilla Soup

This rendition of tortilla soup is a best-selling mainstay at the trendy Hotel Matilda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

For the Tortilla Soup recipe here.

Spinach Tortellini Soup

It takes fewer than 30 minutes to create this savory soup loaded with tender, cheese-filled tortellini and chopped spinach. It's fast, satisfying, and comforting.

For the Spinach Tortellini Soup recipe, click here.

V Eight Soup

Chock full of eight different kinds of vegetables, this hearty Lebanese soup is an excellent appetizer to begin a dinner party.

For the V Eight Soup recipe, click here.

Xavier Soup

In this adaptation of a classic Italian soup, Parmigiano-Reggiano dumplings and fresh herbs lend big flavor to a simple chicken stock base.

For the Xavier Soup recipe, click here.

Yam and Peanut Soup

This soup uses a wealth of spices and ingredients like ginger, paprika, peanut butter, and orange juice to build flavor, but it's simple to prepare and makes for an excellent first course in the fall and winter. For more winter cooking inspiration, we've rounded up our 101 Best Slow Cooker Recipes.

For the Yam and Peanut Soup recipe, click here.