Roasting Tools You Actually Need

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Roasting Tools You Actually Need

Roasting is an easy way to add lots of flavor to food and it doesn't require much equipment.

Aluminum Foil

It sounds basic, but heavy-duty aluminum foil comes in handy in the kitchen more often than you might think. Lining a baking sheet with aluminum foil before roasting vegetables, for example, can make cleanup easier. Plus, if you're roasting a bird and you find that parts of it are browning too quickly, a quick foil cover can slow things down.

Carving Board

Although you can carve a roast on just about any cutting board, carving boards typically have a channel around the edge to collect any juices that run off as you slice through the roast. Many also feature a reversible design with a flat cutting surface on the other side.

Heavy, Rimmed Baking Sheet

Look for a heavy baking sheet with low sides for roasting vegetables. The low sides allow the heat from the oven to reach the vegetables but still prevent any juices that are released during cooking from spilling over the edge. If you can find a stainless steel baking sheet, get it; it has a lower chance of reacting with acidic ingredients. 

Meat Thermometer

It's worth it to spend a little extra money to purchase a reliable thermometer. Cooking meat to the correct temperature is important not only in terms of food safety, but also in terms of ensuring a moist and juicy finished roast. If you're roasting meat or poultry, invest in a thermometer.

Roasting Pan

If you're going to roast meat or poultry, it's a good idea to have a reliable roasting pan. Things to look for? A size and shape that fits your cooking needs (biggest is not always best) and one that's made from  heavy-duty stainless steel or copper (avoid non-stick roasting pans — you won't be able to deglaze the pan) like the Viking 16-inch roasting pan and rack. As an added bonus, the Viking roasting pan features a unique handle design that saves room and allows for easy oven-transfer.

Roasting Rack

A roasting rack can help meat and poultry cook more evenly in the oven (since hot air can reach all sides of the roast) and it can prevent poultry skin from sticking to the bottom of the pan. If you're using a roasting rack, though, be sure to check on the pan drippings occasionally. If they are browning too quickly (or evaporating), add a bit of liquid to the bottom of the roasting pan. 

The Right Knife

Though you can certainly cut a roast with other types of knives, a carving knife is thinner than other types and will help you cut thin slices of meat or poultry. Many have a curved blade to accommodate the contours of meat cooked on the bone. Roasting vegetables? Invest in a good quality chef's knife; it's a multi-purpose knife that will quickly and easily cut through any vegetable.