25 Over-the-Top Fudge Recipes

You won’t be able to resist these fudge recipes that outdo boring chocolate any day
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25 Over-the-Top Fudge Recipes


You won't be able to resist this white chocolate fudge with cherry-filled candies.

It’s hard to imaging there is a way to top rich decadent fudge. While we all appreciate a family recipe passed down from generation to generation, instead of making that tired chocolate fudge recipe for holiday gifts, this year experiment with these outrageous fudge recipes that are sprinkled, studded, and spiked with additional flavor-boosting ingredients.

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These combinations, no matter how over-the-top are no mistake, unlike the first batch of fudge. It is rumored that fudge derives its name from a “fudged” batch of caramels made way back in the 1880s.

Since then, Americans have embraced this accidental sweet confection, and it has become a particularly popular treat to send to friends and family during the holidays or serving as a decadent dessert petite four at parties.

To honor this tradition, we have comprised a list of 25 fudge recipes that are over-the-top because of their inventive recipes, scrumptious taste, and overall perfect representation of the sweet. Find your own fudgy inspiration by checking out our complete list.


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