13 Things You Didn't Know You Could Make With Boxed Cake Mix

Before you belittle the efficacy of cake mix in the kitchen, consider its seemingly endless uses. Baking from scratch takes time, patience, and precision — not always something we have at the ready. Luckily, cake mix is good for so much more than your usual layer cake. In fact, we have 13 different uses to turn the standard Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mix into your new favorite kitchen shortcut.

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Why is cake mix so versatile? Its simple ingredients, flour, milk powder, dehydrated eggs, and sugar, make it a useful corner-cutting tool. We've highlighted our favorite uses for boxed cake mix from simple reinventions of cake itself, like cake balls, bars, and brownies, to batter for perfectly deep fried chicken.

Instead of fussing with sifting and measuring, pick up a box of cake mix next time you stop at the supermarket and try these 13 delicious treats that incorporate cake mix for an outside-the-box culinary experience — from the box.

Browniesfudgy batter for brownies

Devil's food cake mix is more useful than you might think. Don't feel like making a cake? Use this instead with a few modifications. Combine the cake mix with a two-thirds cup of milk and a half cup of melted butter until a dough forms. Then bake in a greased pan for six minutes. Top with caramel sauce, chocolate butter cream frosting, or vanilla ice cream.

Cake Ballscake balls

Mix and bake the cake mix as the box instructs, then crumble the cake, using a fork to break up any large pieces. Next, add 12 ounces of canned frosting to the crumbled cake and mix to combine. Finally, roll the cake into one-inch balls. Chill the in the fridge for several hours. Melt candy coating in the microwave and then dip the cake balls in the coating. Place the dipped cake balls on wax paper and allow them to harden.

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