Ballpark Recipes to Make at Home Slideshow

Angels Stadium Southwestern Cali Dog

If you're from Southern California you usually have a hankering for one thing: Southwestern food. Aramark brought it to the ballgame with this recipe served at Angels Stadium, and we think you'll enjoy it even if you're not a Californian (or an Angels fan).

Click here for the Southwestern Cali Dog Recipe.

Citi Field's Steamed Branzino and Saffron Mussel Broth

The chefs at Aramark are constantly looking to change the game when it comes to ballpark food, and this branzino recipe from the New York Met’s Citi Field demonstrates how ballgames can be classy.

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Rogers Centre Big-Smoke-Jerk- Chicken Nachos

Many Toronto natives claim to be jerk-chicken connoisseurs, and this recipe from Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Centre is Aramark’s attempt to be one as well. We think it earns them the title.

Click here for the Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos Recipe.

Fenway Park Lobster Roll

When you’re in New England, you have to have a lobster roll, and we love Fenway Park’s recipe. We like to think that celebrity Red Sox fans like Mark Wahlberg share our feelings about it.

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O. Co. Coliseum 'Cholula Kalua Nachos'

This nacho recipe brings Hawaii to Oakland Athletics fans, featuring Kalua shredded pork as the main event.

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Kauffman Stadium 'Royal Blue Dog'

Working off of an estimate of selling 8,000 hot dogs on opening day, its no surprise that they created this blue cheese recipe so that Kansas City Royals fans had some diverse options.

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Coors Field 'S'mores Nachos'

With 900,000 orders of nachos having been consumed at ballparks in 2011, Aramark knows that the fans like their cheese and chips. They tested the waters with this s’mores recipe at the Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field — and the results have been quite satisfying.

Click here for the 'S'mores Nachos' Recipe.

Minute Maid Park Baja Fish Tacos

Texans love their south-of-the-border grub, so it’s no surprise that Astros fan are munching on these tasty tacos.

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Citizen's Bank Park 'Tastykake Bread Pudding'

Philadelphians are usually crazy about two things: the Phillies and TastyKake. This bread pudding recipe is Aramarks way of letting them enjoy both at once.

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PNC Park Pulled Pork and Pierogi Stacker

If you’re a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, you most likely like pierogies, and that was the reasoning behind the creation of this pulled pork recipe.

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Turner Field 'Dixie Dog'

If you’re torn between barbecue and a hot dog at the ball game, this Dixie Dog is a nice compromise. It makes its home at the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, but it’ll be sure to win your approval at home as well.

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