The 18 Biggest Food Stories of 2018

All the headlines that got us talking this year
biggest food news of 2018
Larry French/Getty Images/The Daily Meal

The culinary world mourned the death of Anthony Bourdain, who died at the age of 61 in June.

It seems like 2018 only started yesterday. Wasn’t it just one minute ago when Taco Bell launched its nacho fries and we were all talking about how maybe the keto diet wasn’t so great after all? In fact, these big splashy news stories actually happened in January, and we’ve almost forgotten about those early-year news stories as people keep eating keto and trying even newer Taco Bell menu items. As we reflect upon the year behind us (including the best things we ate and drank), we can’t help but consider just how much the food world has changed throughout the last 12 months and what the most impactful, wacky and intriguing news stories of the year have been.

The 18 Biggest Food Stories of 2018 Gallery

To determine our 18 biggest news stories of 2018, we looked at which of our articles got our readers engaged through page views and social media feedback. We also considered the food news stories that will have an impact long after 2018 comes to a close and what stories got our staff talking the most throughout the year.

Some of these stories are wacky promotions and product launches. Remember the “new” Diet Coke and IHOP attempting to become a burger restaurant by flipping its name to IHOb? Other stories are far more impactful and serious— Starbucks closed all of its locations for racial bias training after two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia store, and the #metoo movement continued to impact survivors of sexual assault and harassment in the restaurant industry even as disgraced chef Mario Batali attempted to make a comeback.


From the spread of plastic straw bans to a nightmare-inducing cheeseburger, these were the news stories that made a huge splash in 2018.