Burger King’s New ‘Nightmare King’ Will Make You Have Scary Dreams

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If Burger King truly wanted you to have it your way, they would not be trying to feed you a sandwich that might make you have scary dreams. Yet lo and behold, the chain is launching a special-edition Halloween-inspired menu item called the “Nightmare King,” which has a vomit-green bun and is apparently “clinically proven” to terrify people as they sleep. Excuse me?

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With the aid of Paramount Trials, Florida Sleep and Neuro Diagnostic Services Inc. and Goldforest Inc., Burger King claims to have conducted a “scientific study” over the course of 10 nights with 100 participants. After eating the Nightmare King before bed, doctors and scientists monitored everyone’s brain activities and found that they were 3.5 times more likely to have vivid dreams.

"Someone... transformed into the figure of a snake," one subject said when asked about her dream, according to a release. Another recalled “aliens attacking” a boat he was on.

OK, but what is this thing even made out of? It gets a quarter pound of flame-grilled beef and a crispy white meat chicken fillet topped with American cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and onions between a disgusting-looking emerald green sesame bun — and that is a nightmare within itself. No word on what makes the bun green… sketchy.

Is there a magical night terror-inducing potion in this sandwich? No. Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina — a specialized somnologist and the study’s lead doctor — claims that the “unique” combination of proteins and cheese in the Nightmare King led to an “interruption of the subjects’ REM (rapid eye movement) cycles, during which we experience the majority of our dreams.” All we heard there was: “Don’t eat flame-broiled beef and chicken fillet with American cheese before bed.” Noted.


The Nightmare King has a recommended retail price of $6.39 and will be available for a limited time only starting October 22. If you’re tickled by discolored foods and love getting a terrible night’s sleep, this could be the sandwich for you. If you do not fit that description, perhaps you’d rather have a peaceful slumber after enjoying the best burger in your state.