olive garden countdown clock

Olive Garden Launched a Mysterious Clock Online, and We're So Intrigued

Excuse me, what is this?
olive garden countdown clock

Olive Garden has put a countdown clock on its website that will reveal big news in two days, only we don’t know what the news is. 

Olive Garden has launched a countdown clock on its website, and we want to know what it’s for ASAP. It’s ticking down the seconds to something on September 19... but all we know so far is that there are two days until an announcement. “If you thought unlimited breadsticks were big…” reads the text above, ending in ellipsis. Clearly this news is so big, Olive Garden didn’t have room to finish the thought!

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The Italian-style restaurant chain tweeted “We’ll just leave this right here” followed by the eyes emoji, and Twitter users are going nuts in the replies, wondering what it could mean.

“Go on…” responded Twitter user John Ryan, via comical GIF.

“Patience my friend...it's going to be big. HUGE!” Olive Garden responded.

The mysterious announcement is bigger than unlimited breadsticks, apparently. Although, we don’t know how any news could be bigger than breadsticks. Customers love the menu item so much, they’ve tried to abuse Olive Garden’s unlimited breadstick deal in some wild ways. Bigger than breadsticks?! People have become so obsessed with the oblong butter-y loaves that they’re using them in lieu of flowers in bouquets at their weddings.

One Twitter user wondered if “leave this right here” and the mention of breadsticks, might be a clue.

“leave this right here” could be a clue...” they wrote. “Unlimited breadsticks and more at my door, personally delivered, starting 9/19/18?”

Whatever it turns out to be, it’s clear that we’re all super hyped for this Olive Garden news, and that we’ll be keeping our eyes on that countdown clock!

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