Lay’s Launches 8 New Potato Chip Flavors Inspired by the Regions of America

From chip to shining chip

Lay's new chip flavors will launch in stores and online in late July.

Lay’s is no stranger to limited-edition potato chip flavors and unique twists on this iconic snack. Well, just in time for prime picnic season, the brand that brought you chip flavors like cappuccino, gyro, and crispy taco is launching eight new flavors inspired by the vastly different food cultures and regions of the United States.

According to a press release, the eight new bags of chips will arrive in stores across the U.S. in late July. But unlike the Do Us a Flavor contest bags, the chips will only be available in the regions that inspired them.

The eight regionally-available flavors are: Cajun spice (Central Gulf), chile con queso (Texas, Oklahoma, Mountain states, Southern California), Chesapeake Bay crab spice (Mid-Atlantic), Giordano's deep-dish pizza (Heartland and Mid-America), fried pickles with ranch (Midwest): New England lobster roll (Northeast), pimento cheese (Southeast), and Thai sweet chili (Pacific Northwest).

Lays Deep Dish Pizza Lays pimento cheese


Lays Lobster Roll Lays Crab Spice


Even though these flavors are regional, fans of new and weird potato chips can buy all eight flavors on Lay’s official website.

In addition to the eight new bags, Lay’s is reviving some old favorites (but non-winners) from old Do Us a Flavor contests and limited-edition runs. Indeed, fans of ketchup, West Coast truffle fries, and fried green tomato chips will be pleased to know they’re coming back to store shelves in the Northeast, West, and Southeast, respectively.

While some of these flavors sound better than others and lend themselves better to potato chips (hello, Thai sweet chili), you never know which limited Lay’s will win your heart. Heck, any one of these flavors could become the perfect chip for party snacking.