White Castle Launches Plant-Based Impossible Sliders Nationwide

The item was previously tested in three regions

They're budget-friendly, too.

This spring, White Castle tested plant-based Impossible Sliders at 140 locations in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. The pilot program proved uber successful with vegans and meat-eaters alike, and now the chain is offering these teensy burgers for $1.99 each at all 377 White Castle restaurants in the U.S. — making it the very first nationwide fast-food chain to feature the Impossible Burger as part of its permanent menu.

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“Our Cravers definitely developed a hunger for the Impossible Slider,” CEO Lisa Ingram said in a release. “Sales easily exceeded our expectations. The Impossible Slider is a hit with both loyal ‘Cravers’ and customers brand new to White Castle who are seeking out this buzz-worthy slider.”

We can vouch for that. When the Impossible Sliders first hit test markets, Daily Meal staffers set out to try them alongside real beef sliders for comparison. The vast majority of our editorial are unapologetic carnivores, so some were definitely skeptical at first.

white castle impossible slider

Courtesy of White Castle

Our reactions were mixed. We all agreed that the Impossible variety actually looked more like a fast-food cheeseburger than the real beef slider did, but we butted heads on taste. One faux-meat hater said, “I will not eat that again. Ever. It was weird and uncomfortable. It does not replace a burger and all it did was make me crave a burger.”

It was also noted that the patties we tested didn’t “bleed” as Impossible Burger marketing suggests. But others enjoyed the taste, especially the two in the group who don’t eat meat.

white castle impossible sliders

White Castle

“I thought it was a fast-food quality veggie burger. I would get this as an alternative to beef if I was forced to eat at White Castle because what other meatless options are there?” one opined. “The one thing I miss about McDonald’s is the burgers, just for the soft bun, American cheese, and tiny pickles. This had those elements without the standard puck of frozen beef.”

Long story short, we give the Impossible Sliders a thumbs-up. It’s a pretty great option for fast-food eaters who don’t want to break the bank. Carnivores on a budget can save a buck here and there too with America’s 10 best burgers for under $10.