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We write about food all year long, and we eat our fair share of it, too. But not only do we love to eat, we love to cook. Throughout the past year our team at The Daily Meal has both created and been introduced to some pretty incredible recipes, and we want to share the love.

We decided to gather them up and put them all in one place for you to try the next time you're looking for a surefire recipe to impress your friends and family (or yourself!). We've tasted some amazing dishes this past year, from the deliciously healthy (gluten-free and dairy-free yogurt doughnuts) to the decadent (squid ink bucatini) to the simple yet crave-worthy. (Mayochup, anyone?)

Sit back and grab a napkin, because you just might drool a little bit reading about our favorite recipes of the year.

Baar Baar Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, or murgh makhani, is an Indian dish that was apparently created accidentally in the 1950s when three restaurant owners in New Delhi decided to combine some leftover chicken with a rich, buttery, creamy tomato gravy and discovered that the resulting dish was absolutely delicious. We visited New York City restaurant Baar Baar this year, and they shared with us their recipe.

For the Baar Baar Butter Chicken recipe, click here.

Chicken Schnitzel

A simply divine iteration of a classic jaegerschnitzel, this dish is perfectly crispy and topped with savory, creamy mushrooms. Pair it with a cold beer on an even colder winter night and your evening will be the stuff dreams are made of.

For the Chicken Schnitzel recipe, click here.

Copycat Mayochup

When Heinz released "Mayochup" in America earlier this year, it took the county by storm. Though not exactly an original concoction, the end result of mixing creamy mayonnaise and tangy-sweet ketchup is truly addictive. Though you may not really need a recipe to make it, using these exact measurements will result in a perfectly balanced supersauce.

For the Copycat Mayochup recipe, click here.

Drunken Deviled Eggs With Pickled Beets and Root Chips

Who doesn't love deviled eggs? Adding pickled beet juice and roasted root vegetable chips takes this recipe off the charts (and the plate).

For the Drunken Deviled Eggs With Pickled Beets and Root Chips recipe, click here.

Easy Chicken Thighs With Creamy Leek and Caper Sauce

Some of the best recipes we've come across this year are the simple, hearty ones, like this delicious, decadent chicken recipe.

For the Easy Chicken Thighs With Creamy Leek and Caper Sauce recipe, click here.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Yogurt Doughnuts

This recipe is courtesy of Angela Garbacz of Goldenrod Pastries, a boutique pastry shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, that specializes in delicious sweet treats that cater to different diets like vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. There's even a video to watch if you get stumped!

For the Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Yogurt Doughnuts recipe, click here.

Hungarian Nut Roll

This sweet treat comes straight from our entertain editor's family cookbook. It's perfect for celebratory occasions like holidays, weddings... or a random Tuesday in March.

For the Hungarian Nut Roll recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Keto Cheesecake

The success of the Instant Pot shows no signs of slowing down, and creative recipes to cook in this popular appliance are constantly emerging. Did you know that you could make an amazing cheesecake in yours? We didn't either.

For the Instant Pot Keto Cheesecake recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Smoky Ribs

Urvashi Pitre, author of "The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook," shared this gem of a recipe with us. "If you're a barbecue purist with a smoker who doesn't like sauce on your ribs, you will love this recipe, as the smoked ribs don't need it. If you're a bad planner who wants last-minute ribs, you too will love this recipe," he promises. Give it a try, and we guarantee you'll fall in love.

For the Instant Pot Smoky Ribs recipe, click here.

Magic Melting Mocha Cake

Sheet pan recipes were everywhere this year, and this one was one of our favorites. Espresso-spiked chocolate cake? Yes, please.

For the Magic Melting Mocha Cake recipe, click here.

Maple and Lime-Roasted Squash With Lentils, Ricotta and Basil Oil

This comforting side dish may shine on crisp fall evenings, but we love to make it all year long.

For the Maple and Lime-Roasted Squash With Lentils, Ricotta and Basil Oil recipe, click here.

Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

This festive treat was a sweet idea dreamed up by our cook editor and video producer. Who doesn't love puff pastry and gooey, delicious Nutella?!

For the Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree recipe, click here.

One-Pan Sweet Potato and Egg Hash

This one-pan meal tastes incredible and couldn't be easier to prepare. The vibrant colors from the sweet potato and eggs are contrasted with the fresh cilantro to make this dish stunning to look at. Make this for brunch next time you have company and it's sure to be a hit.

For the One-Pan Sweet Potato and Egg Hash recipe, click here.

Pamplemousse au Poivre

We've tried a lot of cocktails this year, and this unique recipe was one of our favorites. Grapefruit and Sichuan pepper liqueur combine to create a refreshing (and strong) cocktail.

For the Pamplemousse au Poivre recipe, click here.

Roast Chicken Tacos With Salsa Verde and Crema

Our team is obsessed with tacos, and we love that this recipe uses juicy (but economical) chicken thighs as the base filling. Top these tacos with sliced radishes, salsa verde, and Mexican crema (or sour cream) for a hassle-free meal that won't break the bank.

For the Roast Chicken Tacos With Salsa Verde and Crema recipe, click here.

Salmon Marsala

Our Culinary Content Network contributor Holly Clegg shared this quick-cooking salmon recipe with us and it's turned into one of our favorites. It's just a little bit fancy, but without the fuss.

For the Salmon Marsala recipe, click here.

Squid Ink Bucatini

If you're looking for the perfect special occasion meal, this delicious pasta dish full of cockles, garlic, butter, and nori is just the thing. Our cook editor learned the secret to perfect homemade squid ink pasta from chef Travis Swikard of Boulud Sud and Daniel Boulud.

For the Squid Ink Bucatini recipe, click here.

Strawberry Rhubarb Hand Pies

A perfect nod to summer, this recipe from The SeaShack at The Standard High Line in New York City is reminiscent of a McDonald's apple pie but even more delicious — and you can make them at home!

For the Strawberry Rhubarb Hand Pies recipe, click here.

The Ultimate Baked Mac and Cheese

How can mac and cheese not make it into a roundup of our favorite recipes of the year? Our recipe editor created this gooey, baked version of heaven. And if you really want to drool, watch the video.

For the Ultimate Baked Mac and Cheese recipe, click here.

Twice-Baked Potatoes

Here's another favorite recipe from our entertain editor's family cookbook. Plenty of cheese, sour cream, and crispy bacon make these twice-baked potatoes delicious beyond belief.

For the Twice-Baked Potatoes recipe, click here.

Whole Roasted Chicken With Lemon Parmesan Stuffing

Roast chicken is one of our favorite meals, so when chef Daniel diStefano of New York City's Made Nice shared his recipe with us, we just had to share it with you. Now that you've seen some of our favorite recipes of the year, check out which ones were most popular with our readers.

For the Whole Roasted Chicken With Lemon Parmesan Stuffing recipe, click here.

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