12 Super Sandwiches Fit for Any Meal

The sandwich is capable of way more than filling your lunchbox

This French sandwich is simple, stunning, and perfect for any meal.

Oh, the sandwich: A staple of lunchboxes for nearly every child in the United States, the combination of two pieces of bread, some sort of protein, and garnish (be it cheese, sauce, vegetables, or whatever your heart desires), the sandwich holds a place in the heart and mind of us all.

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And though there are classics such as the peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or turkey club, a sandwich is one of the most customizable foods out there. You can throw anything between two pieces of bread — from mouthwatering pulled pork to crisp, refreshing honeydew to a perfectly fried egg — and it’s bound to be delicious.

In honor of the humble sandwich, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see how they interpret two pieces of bread and some sort of filling. From kid-friendly hippo sandwiches to a breakfast croissant that will start your day off on a high note to a truly decadent French turkey sandwich, there’s something on this list for everyone and every meal.