26 Trader Joe’s Products That Save Weeknight Dinners

Our top picks for fuss-free weeknight dinners
trader joes weeknight dinners
Kathleen Collins / The Daily Meal

These meals are quick and easy.

After working late, running errands, and picking up the kids from soccer practice, cooking dinner from scratch can certainly be a drag. Thank the heavens above, Trader Joe’s fresh and frozen sections are flowing with fuss-free foods for nights when you’re craving linguine with pesto and tomatoes but only have the energy to make a ham and cheese sandwich.

26 Trader Joe’s Products That Save Weeknight Dinners Gallery 

We rummaged the aisles of our local Trader Joe’s in search of the most delicious and least time-consuming products, all of which take 20 minutes or less to make. Even better, the majority of them cost under $3.99. The highest-ticket items include pre-marinated meats — carne asada, chicken shawarma, rosemary balsamic steak tips — and even then, they’re less than $10 per pound. Who wouldn’t dish out a few extra bucks to skip all that prep? 


So fire up the grill, slick a skillet, warm the oven, or just pop open the microwave because your next stress-free meal awaits. Whether you live on your own with a few dozen cats or have multiple hungry bellies to fill, these 26 Trader Joe’s products are guaranteed to save weeknight dinners.