Shrimp Pasta
A few simple ingredients transform into a sublime dinner in this Italian linguine recipe.This recipe is courtesy of Food Network.
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Lobster Linguine with White Wine Sauce
Cooking with lobster garners tons of bragging rights and maybe even a few Facebook status updates. It’s not just that they are a hot commodity or that any dish is made better by them, it’s that you so rarely hear of home cooks getting to play around with those delicious-when-dunked-in-butter creatures.So when it came time to drum up a lobster recipe, I didn’t waver at all. Fresh lobster goes perfectly with a steaming plate of buttery, white wine-y, herby linguine. I was pretty excited to make this at home as it’s something I’d savor in a restaurant. It’s not a particularly difficult recipe, you just have to pay close attention to the timing of everything. Click here for more lobster recipes. 
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Patsy’s Italian Restaurant
This recipe was contributed by the pasta experts at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in New York City.The ultimate comfort food, pasta is a versatile, deliciously simple dish to make for the family. With olive oil, anchovies, and vegetables, this recipe is a healthy take on the classic. 
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Imitation Crab Linguine Recipe
If you need a simple and quick recipe, make imitation crab linguine. It's an easy pasta dish to throw together: just chop up the meat into a cheese sauce and serve. 
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Healthy One Pan Salmon Dinners You Have Try
This simple salmon pasta can be made in one pan. You can modify the ingredients to your liking, but the general cooking instructions will remain the same.
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alfredo sauce
Make this simple Alfredo sauce recipe with cream cheese, butter, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
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Best Turkey Tetrazzini with Mushrooms, Bacon, Garlic, and Herbs
Turkey Tetrazzini is a fancy name for a turkey casserole with a cream sauce, mushrooms, and peas, and we've always used it for a leftover dish after Thanksgiving when turkey is so abundant. But, the truth is, it's great anytime you have some leftover turkey or chicken. Turkey Tetrazzini can taste slightly bland so my version includes some garlic, bacon, and herbs to punch up the the flavor of the sauce. Dare I say, "BAM?"
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Linguine with Clams, Mussels, and Peppers
Linguine with clams is a timeless classic that's easy to prepare and delicious any time of year. This Italian pasta dish gets a bit of an update with the addition of mussels and sweet bell peppers, but it still comes together very quickly once all the prep is done. 
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Pasta Puttanesca
I can already hear the naysayers asking, "Why isn't your sauce red?" Despite being aesthetically challenged, this pasta dish is delicious, I assure you. I used some particularly ripe black olives that ended up giving the sauce a deep, rich flavor and also gave it a forebodingly inky color that, admittedly, gave me a bit of pause at first. However, one bite and I was sold — the sauce coated the pasta perfectly and had a nice balance of flavors. Briny capers, tangy fresh tomatoes, herbaceous parsley, and a slight bitter finish from the olives — perfection. Your sauce will be redder than mine, though, if you're using different (or less ripe) olives. I used Gaeta, a popular table olive in Spain. Feel free to get creative. Oh, one more thing: I'd go easy on the salt because there's plenty already from the capers and olives. Click here to see Fast and Furious Dinner Recipes — 20 Minutes or Less.
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